Final Friday — As the name implies, Final Friday happens the last Friday of each month.  Art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops around Wichita stay open late and welcome visitors. Recognizing that Downtown is the artistic and cultural center for the region, the Q-Line trolley service transports art lovers to the concentration of venues in Downtown. The ride is free and allows attendees to park once and visit several galleries. View the trolley route on the printable Downtown venues map.

Hours vary between galleries but the majority are open during the core hours of 7pm to 9pm Most galleries use Final Friday to unveil and debut new shows or as a closing reception. All venues are free and open to the public and several galleries incorporate artist demonstrations and/or live music. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Download Printable Map with Concentration of Downtown Venues & Q-Line Route
View Online Interactive Map of All Venues in Wichita

What galleries participate in Final Friday?

Galleries, museums, restaurants, and retail shops from across Sedgwick County often participate in this event. A full listing may be seen under the "Resources" tab. You may also download a reference map (currently in progress) of the concentration of galleries and shops that are in Downtown with the Q-Line trolley route.

Are you an artist or gallery owner intersted in being included on the Final Friday list? Email the WDDC or call at 316-264-6005.

Can I buy art tonight?

Absolutely. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Plan to attend next time

Next month Final Friday will occur on June 24. Participating venues will be listed on this website no less than a week before the event.

Remaining 2016 Final Friday dates: June 24, July 29, August 26, September 30, October 28 and November 25.

How can I find out about all the Downtown activities & events?

Join our confidential email list here. Click on "Special Events News" to receive weekly Downtown Events Emails.

Sculpture Walkabout

The Sculpture Walkabout was initiated by Mayor Carl Brewer and showcases area artists. The art is chosen from a juried competition and is available for purchase. Sculptures are located in Old Town on north Mosley and Mead between Douglas and Second Street and on the Intrust Bank Arena plaza.

Elizabeth Stevenson on Downtown Development
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday Transportation
Final Friday 5/27
4 5 A C D F G H M P R S T V W
1203 E. Douglas Ave.
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm

42 Degrees Below Presents Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Derrick Jonathon Avery, Cornell Bell-Steele, Tamara Cummings and Brandin Lee

Full Exhibition: Through June 24

520 S. Commerce

Final Friday at the 520Commerce


Featuring live performance by Rudy Love Jr.

1820 E. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri 8am-5pm

Exploring Rorschach with the Body


Featuring artwork by Andi Alexander

Join the Alzheimer's Association for this month's Final Friday, 'Exploring Rohrschach with the Body.' The show is a collection of photography prints by local artist, Andi Alexander. A portion of the proceeds from art bought will help benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

829 N. Market
Phone: (316) 264-9303 website

Roots and Routes


Featuring artwork by Ian Stewart and Sarah Stewart

Art, music, food, wine and camaraderie to set the mood for a great weekend.

334 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 512-5045 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

CityArts Final Friday

Main Gallery Exhibition
"From Sketch to Story" by Debbie Wagner

Even though she graduated with a degree in education and Chinese, Wagner's career as an artist started in 2002 after two pear-sized tumors were removed from her brain. Since then, she works to advocate the strength of the visual story through different media forms. In 2002, she began daily plein air paintings of the Kansas sunrise, a practice she continues today. "From Sketch to Story" shows how Wagner's journey as a narrative artist constantly shifts. She starts with the story then allows her pieces to take on a more abstract style while stories begin to unfold in unexpected directions.

Boardroom Gallery
"Intuition: Paintscapes and Abstract Designs" by Holley Schmidlapp

Schmidlapp's body of work represents the process of scraping layers of paint, followed by the addition of more paint, and then repeating the process to reveal patterns in a free and spontaneous fashion. "I've always had a liking for bright colors and unique design work," Schmidlapp said. "When asked where I get my inspiration from, I have to say I just let the paint decide where it wants to go."

Main Hall Gallery
"Untaming the Ordinary" by Kylie Millward

A newly Wichita-based illustrator, Millward graduated with her BFA from the University of Kansas in 2013. Millward works prominently in painting and small-scale animations. This exhibition features a collection of paintings depicting mostly anthropomorphized creatures and objects used to construct fantastical narrations. Millward's exhibition will also introduce her most recent, summer-inspired series, "Sweet Tweets." Millward's illustrations have been featured in various publications, and have won her several awards, including CMYK Magazine's Top 100 New Creatives.

Balcony Gallery
"Oro" by Joseph Rincones

A local potter, Rincones will debut some of his new work in a new pottery exhibition entitled "Oro." Similar to our own personality, clay contains characteristics that can be visually and physically complex. It can be forced into desired shapes that can stimulate actions as well as conversations. It possesses the ability to look soft but be extremely hard, or look hard yet feel extremely soft. Clay is a poetic material, it is very honest and inviting, yet fierce and difficult all at the same time. Rincones' work is an exploration on how this material evolves into his own expression and how it embodies his own lifestyle.


Full Exhibition: May 21 - June 6

710 W. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: 11am-8pm

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Featuring artwork by Wayne Clark

305 S. Elizabeth St.

Prairie Flowers


Featuring jewelry work by Becky Miller

Jewelry Botanica by Becky Miller offers hand sculpted polymer clay jewelry. Each piece is an original design by the artist and one of a kind.

Dock 410    
410 S. Commerce
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm

Final Friday at Dock 410


Featuring photography by Mark and Taylor Wilkes

In stock photography images will be discounted for this event - including WSU sports & wildlife & nature images.

Finn Lofts    
430 S. Commerce

Final Friday at the Finn Lofts
Finn Lofts Open House and Art Exhibition


Featuring artwork by Time Stone

Join the Finn Lofts for the May Final Friday Event on Commerce Street. Finn Lofts will be featuring artwork of Tim Stone, a very talented local artist as well as showing some of their available lofts. Food trucks will be on site during the Final Friday event.

524 S. Commerce

Living Statues

Dancers Performing from 7:30-9:30pm

In its eighth year, the family-friendly Living Statues event offers a unique and inspirational environment within which the public is invited to sketch, photograph, paint, or otherwise immortalize a group of talented Ballet Wichita dancers. The dancers will perform a series of short interpretive tableaux throughout the evening, coordinated by a soundtrack composed specifically for the event by Georgia and Torin Andersen.

412 E. Douglas

Photographic Dreamscapes


Featuring artwork by John Ellert

508 S. Commerce



Featuring artwork by Linnette Lee.

700 E. Douglas Ave.
Hours: Regular Business Hours: Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 1-4pm

Streams to Rails: The Photography of Mark Fuller


Featuring photography by Mark Fuller

215 N. Washington
Phone: (316) 530-2203 website
Hours: By appointment.

Light And Shade: Works by Rachel B. Hayes
Opening Reception and Artist Talk


Wichita Festivals, Inc. and Harvester Arts announce the Riverfest 2016 Artist-in-Residence, award-winning fiber and installation artist, Rachel Hayes. She has been visiting Wichita regularly since January to create SunSails, an installation built of nylon weather-proof fabric and high-tension cable. Assisted by local artists who are sewing hundreds of fabric "flutters" that will adorn the nearly 50-foot-wide art piece, Hayes will begin installation of SunSails May 28th on the Hyatt Lawn.

In addition to her work installed on the Hyatt Lawn during the festival, Rachel is installing an exhibition here at Harvester Arts. Join us to hear her speak about her work and process at 7 PM then stick around for the reception until 10. Rachel's time in Wichita is made possible by Riverfest and Wichita Festivals with support from the Arts Council and the Hotel at Waterwalk.

Born and raised outside Kansas City, Hayes resides in Tulsa, OK. She attended the Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sculpture Space Residency in Utica, N.Y.; Art Omi International Artists' Residency in Omi, N.Y.; and Roswell Artist-in-Residence program in Roswell, N.M. Selected exhibitions include the Sculpture Center in New York City; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, Kan.; and the BravinLee Programs in lower Manhattan, N.Y.

Exhibition will be on view by appointment through July 8.

1710 E. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: 3pm - 12am midnight

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Brett Schauf

Full Exhibition: May 27 - June 23

Must be 21 to Enter

430 S. Commerce, Suite 200
Phone: (316) 512-5045 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Fri - Sat: Noon-4:30pm



Featuring artwork by Michael Campbell, Carol Carter, Krystle Cole, Phil Emerson, Matthew Hilyard, Paulette Insall, Jonathan McAfee, Greg Navratil, GG Reid, HM Saffer II, Beverly Simonson, Jeanne Ward, Sean Christopher Ward, Stephanie Ward, Lindy Wiese, Ernest Vincent Wood III

Full Exhibition: May 20 - June 11

This show marks the beginning of a series of exhibitions HUE will be holding. Each month, we invite contemporary artists from all over the country to send us one piece of artwork, of which we consider one of their best. With this selection of works, we aim to INSPIRE our patrons. The artist's single works will be available for viewing for a 3 month period, and we will be continuously cycling artists, and pieces, in and out.

121 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 262-5192 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm

Mead Street Gallery Final Friday


Featuring works by Linda Littou

151 N. Rock Island, Suite 1D
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: 9am-5:30pm

Flint Hills Ranching - Photographs


Featuring photography by John D Morrison

Full Exhibition: Through July 20

3215 East Douglas Avenue
Phone: (316) 682-1481 website
Hours: Regular Business Hours: Mon - Fri 10am-5:30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Leon Loughridge


Featuring artwork by Leon Loughridge. (Woodblocks, Oils, Pastels, and Watercolors)

Full Exhibition: May 27 - June 18

Although Leon is best known for his extraordinary reduction woodblocks, he works in many media. There will also be a portfolio show of collected works and he will give a talk and demonstration throughout the evening.

His work has been exhibited at the Wichita Art Museum, the Denver Art Museum, and the National Cowboy Museum and this year is the featured art for Chamber Music at the Barn.

2611 E. Douglas Ave.



Featuring artwork by Autumn Noire

Full Exhibition: Through June 21

Join Reverie for a special evening as they celebrate the Final Friday art opening for recent WSU School of Art, Design and Creative Industries graduate, Autumn Noire! She received her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from WSU this month, and is featuring her most recent work from her portfolio in the show.

922 E. Douglas Ave.
Phone: (316) 303-1005 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Tues - Sat 10:30am-5pm

Robert Carver's Vision


Featuring artwork by Robert Carver.

Full Exhibition: June 27 & 28

430 S. Commerce, suite 400

Finn Lofts Open House


Featuring artwork by Swiss Pointe Designs

Full Exhibition: Through June

412 E Douglas
Phone: (316) 262-2435 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 4pm

Tajiri's Touch


Featuring artwork by Tomiyo Tajiri

418 S. Commerce
Phone: (316) 303-1996
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: By Appointment

Street Art Lost: Johnny Sutton


Featuring photography by Johnny Sutton.

In the gallery will be Johnny Sutton's exhibition of photography "Street Art Lost." Sutton lives in Italy and Wichita and took the images over a period of years. Many are no longer viewable, lost to destruction and over painting.

3700 E Douglas #59
Phone: (316) 737-8787 website

The Atelier


Featuring artwork by Corbie Leiker

Full Exhibition: Through June 17

232 N Market



Featured Artists: Alex Walker,Stacy Renee Walker,Tara Hufford Walker,Mark S. Walker, Christopher Gulick, Marc Bosworth, Michael Pointer, Karen Scoggins, Anne Krone, Ted Krone, Mike Miller, Nataile Wright ,Rama Lama Hull, Joel Chato Escarpita, Meegan Lockwood, Mellisa Slates, Rachel Foster,Denice Jackson Simon, Hugo Zelada-Romero, Maia Petroucheva,Heather Powell, Josh Tripoli

The Theme of this art show is relationships, showing relations between people, objects, things, etc. Showing how things are connected and there union together.

515 S. Main St. Ste. 115

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by The Clay Cartel - Andrea Corcoran, Debi Cox, David Long and Davis Self

623 W. Douglas Ave
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm

Stuart Countryman Photography: Art Inspired by Wichita;


Featuring paintings by Stuart Countryman & Erin Countryman

Full Exhibition: May 27 through June 15

"Penultimate Wichita" is a collection of colorful and geometric paintings by Eric Carbrey. Carbrey recently moved to Chicago, and this exhibit acts as a long farewell, as it is his second-to-last show in Wichita. The exhibit runs through Wednesday, May 18th during office hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm or by appointment.

at (316) 518-9399 for more property information.
416 S. Commerce Suite 102
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Wed - Sat: 1-4pm

We Are All Just Ghosts Closing Reception


BFA Graduate Exhibition by Spencer SInclair

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