Next Door to Everything

Explore the city’s Neighborhood. Downtown has become a revitalized destination for local and visitors alike, and getting around is easier than ever.

With quick commutes and enhanced accessibility from recent zoning and traffic improvements, traditional car travel is an easy option. Digital and print parking maps will help you find the best spots for nearby businesses, restaurants, venues and other amenities.

Downtown’s sidewalks, storefronts and public spaces invite residents, commuters and adventurers to simplify routines and take the city in stride on foot, while the free Q-LINE Trolley offers rides in a nostalgic shuttle along key arteries downtown.

Working to understand the key needs of downtown’s growing audience, we have committed to maintaining safe, accessible spaces and reliable transportation between them. With help from the Wichita Ambassadors, providing parking management and other services, we are passionate about improving the vibrancy and accessibility of downtown.