Martin Millis & Antoine Agnew
Downtown Residents

Martin Millis and Antoine Agnew haven’t always been so sure that downtown was their future. As an assistant principal and clinical social worker by day and entrepreneurs running a real estate empire by night, the two are constantly on the move – making their time at home together extremely valuable.

The two started their life together calling an industrial loft at Innes Station home. In 2000, the couple decided to build a house on the west side of town. They immersed themselves in designing it together, planning all the details and watched as it was constructed. At first, it seemed like a perfect fit, but after a short time, they began to feel that something was missing.

While they loved their house, they felt the void of the energy and excitement of downtown living. 

“I am very relationship-oriented. I feel more alive when I have connections. When we lived downtown, I was steps away from having a glass of wine, grabbing dinner, taking a walk or watching a movie. Old Town for me, was not just about the space; it was about the community. That’s critical for me.” – Antoine 

The couple left their suburban home behind and purchased a condo in the heart of Old Town. At the same time, a transformation began taking place - local restaurants and shops were popping up on every corner and Old Town Square was bustling with activity. 

“I fully believe that downtown is easy living and that’s why it’s a part of our lifestyle and why we are here. It suits our lifestyle very well being downtown.” – Martin

Now dedicated to living out their life in the core, Martin and Antoine decided to make a bold investment in their future. Knowing how important their time together is and their love of the downtown lifestyle, they purchased the building at the corner of Douglas and Mead to combine their work and home life. The ground floor now houses their real estate business, Agnew & Associates with Keller Williams Hometown Partners LLC, while the second floor will become their permanent home. If there’s one thing they know for sure – it’s that they’re sold on downtown.

“Where at one time we were skeptics as to what Old Town could become, we are true believers of what it is now when you see what’s happened in the last decade.” – Martin 

Watch their Possibility People video above to hear more of their story.

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