Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth is collaborating with Valerie and Ryan Reimers, owners of Lucinda's in Old Town, for the Front Porch project.

Elisabeth Owens is a Wichita-native known for her stunning botanical ceramics and paintings. After a decade as a graphic designer (with works recognized in Print Design Magazine, Monocle Magazine, and several LogoLounge books) she decided to embark on an even more satisfying career of parenting three precocious children and two rather well-fed cats with her husband, Paul. It was during this transition that she returned to her first love (watercolor) and developed a new love (pottery).

Being at home allowed Elisabeth to rediscover Wichita through her children’s eyes—which turned into fine art that struck a chord with local art lovers. Whether at the potter’s wheel, over a canvas, or working in graphic design, her works highlight the beauty found around her. From her murals found across the state to her smallest bowl, her ability to highlight the unique beauty of Kansas continues to delight viewers and ignite a passion for her hometown. While many of her commissioned works remain local, she has also done recent commissions for both Lowes and Chick-fil-A franchises. You can also discover many of her favorite prints for purchase in local shops such as Lucinda’s, The Workroom, and Love of Character.

Elisabeth believes creativity is something intrinsically woven into the fibers of every person as a reflection of the Creator. For her, unlocking this creativity is an act of worship in which she desires to highlight the beauty found in nature and remind the beholder to unearth the artistry and testimony of the world around them. Through her work, she hopes to inspire wonder and encourage others to a life of creativity!

Sneak Peeks!

Get to know Elisabeth and watch sneak peeks of her Front Porch


Lucinda’s carries off-the-wall gifts, distinctive clothing and shoes and unique accessories for you and your home! They pride themselves on carrying one-of-a-kind brands and locally made artisan items. Locally owned, Lucinda's is a staple of Old Town Square and has been in the district for over 20 years. Owners Ryan and Valerie (pictured) will collaborate with Elisabeth on the Front Porch project.