Angie, Brenda and Claudia
AB&C Bilingual Resources

Bringing people together is what Angie, Brenda and Claudia are all about. These sisters-turned-business-partners strive to bridge the gap between local businesses and the Latino community, all while balancing work and family lives.

Mexico natives, the trio came to Wichita with their father, who works in the aircraft industry. They began translating for their family at a young age and came together to form their business - AB&C Bilingual Resources LLC - in 2017. Everything from social media management to translating contracts, they’re focused on bringing local businesses closer to the Latino community through translation and interpreting services.

“Right now, we’re focusing on helping local businesses and nonprofits – both of which are doing amazing work in Wichita, and sometimes the work they do is not reaching the Latino community.” – Claudia

When the sisters first began looking for a place to start their business, they wanted a location where everyone would feel welcome. They found the dynamic atmosphere and convenient location they were looking for in downtown.

“We really want to provide services for everyone in Wichita and I think we’re past those years when everyone used to think that Latinos are only in the North side of Wichita. We’re everywhere! So for us, downtown is a perfect location to serve everybody and they can feel welcome.”– Claudia

Their team has discovered an engaging and supportive entrepreneurial community at e2e Accelerator, an organization where local entrepreneurs can share office space, participate in networking events and take advantage of tools and resources available to small businesses.

“e2e has been a great experience for us – helping us to grow and have confidence. With e2e helping us step-by-step, we have a better reach.” – Brenda

Angie, Brenda and Claudia invite the community to make new connections and discover all the possibilities connecting with diverse audiences in our community can bring.   

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