First Friday Gallery Crawl

The First Friday gallery crawl is a unique opportunity for thousands of students, families and art lovers to engage with local art each month at unique locations in downtown and throughout the city. This grassroots event continues to thrive because of the collective vision and collaboration of galleries and artists.

As the name implies, First Friday happens the first Friday of each month. Hours vary between galleries, but most are open during the core hours of 7pm to 9pm. Most galleries use First Friday to unveil and debut new shows or as a closing reception. All venues are free and open to the public and several galleries incorporate artist demonstrations and/or live music. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

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June First Friday Listings

Art House 310
310 S. Laura 

Featured Artists: Tyree Williams & NE Magnet Students

Exhibition Hours: First Friday: 6:00-10:00pm Posted open gallery hours through June 19th

Title of Exhibition: Art House 310 First Friday – Tyree Williams & NE Magnet Students
This event is free to attend and open to the public.

Art House 310 is located at 310 S. Laura. Two blocks SE of Douglas & Washington in downtown Wichita.


Art House 310 First Friday – Tyree Williams & NE Magnet Students
Opening Reception | First Friday June 3rd, 2022 | 6-10pm
This event is free to attend and open to the public. Show hangs through June 19th, 2022.

Art House 310 is located at 310 S. Laura. Two blocks SE of Douglas & Washington in downtown Wichita.

TYREE WILLIAMS – Artist Statement Poem
He broke you.
His heart shaped hands that used to cradle your emotions
smacked you across the face,
And in the place of his fingerprints read the word trickery.

He tricked you in believing that you could count on him,
up until you had to count on him,
his numbers read matrix code and you couldn’t understand who the “1” was if not him.
It amazes you how he’s just not…

They say actions speak louder than words – which was fine you see,
because honestly,
his words never came across kindly.
Plus your love for him never could translate to words properly.
Truth is,
you knew he was no different.

You knew he was like all the other boys whose voices were as soft as Charmin,
gently wiping any sign of doubt off your face.
Pretending to flush down your trauma along with his guilt.

You continued to ignore the red flags like your friends ignored the shakes in your voice when they asked about him.
“Everythin- *mmhmm* Everything’s fine,” your body would always rebel.

You needed to find Love.

You needed to find love so you began searching,
searching for that love that mimicked Grandma’s Sunday morning hugs,
or Momma’s care on sick days. (although you’re gonna need more than vapor rub and sprite)

In the end, you found love to the right of healing
and left of lessons learned,
inside the one person you should’ve looked to first…


See more of Tyree’s work on Instagram:

I do the work I do because I think there are many beautiful things around me that need to be captured. I’m still learning but going through this project and my sustained investigation has really helped me to think more creatively with my photography and for me to start branching out from just the basic business photography. My goal and aspirations as an artist are to be able to create photography as my job not as a hobby. My favorite thing to photograph is people. Whether that be candid or a formal portrait I love it. Every person is different, and every person has a different vibe and I kind of like to incorporate that in the work. To create a piece, I produce an idea I choose an outfit, a background, and a model that all complement each other and from there I kind of just let the posing and other things flow as I take them. Sometimes, I go in knowing which shot I want to get and I try other different ones so if that one does not work out, I have others. I like to get everything pre-production so that post-production runs way more smoothly for me and I can just do minor things. My work is different from others because no matter the person I take photos of I’ve noticed I like to have a regal look to the person/people I’m photographing. My current work is a series of photographs that is kind of a mixture of different things. It is a depiction of immigrant families and how we all look different but also showing how immigrating changes each generation and how we pass down all of our traditions. This project grew out of me wanting to try more studio work and messing around with lighting.  Also just enjoying the event or place I was at and capturing the moment. I am still kind of new to photography, so this project was a chance for me to photograph the things that were the reason I bought a camera in the first place. All the parades and traditions and the people that are rich in culture that deserve to be photographed because of how beautiful they are.

See more of Melissa’s work online at on Facebook: and on Instagram:

A great deal of expressionism, meaning, and a stylistic interpretation resides within the works I produce, and will continue to produce, in the future. I find it is important to continue to explore differences in media as well as meaning, and experiment with the unknown to gain an emotional understanding of what it truly means to create as an artist. I aspire to create works that encompass my style and stand out as the exploration of the unknown becomes more apparent throughout each piece or set of pieces.

Much of the designs I create start out as a “brain dump” and then become recrafted as I progress in specific piece and/or project. I would love to say that many of my pieces are planned, but that would be a lie. I love the idea of creating without a specific motive or objective. It seems to bring out a sense of urgency and illumination in what can be crafted in the spur of the moment. A lot of the materials I use consist of oil paint on canvas. Recently I have been experimenting a lot with denim material, acrylic paint on gessoed paper, and collages on mixed media paper. I love to use oil and mixed media because it creates a smooth and interesting surface to elaborate on creatively. Much of this media allows me to truly “brain dump” my ideas and then have them turn into a desired piece or aspect I maybe haven’t tried or would like to stay open to.

My current works encompass emotions disguising themselves through distortion of the figure as well as the human face. This Sustained Investigation has brought to light how humans interact or interpret both physical and emotional aspects and how those can be connected within themselves. I also have always been drawn to physical abstraction in art and its concepts, so I felt that my current works should explore a side of my style that seemed more personal and challenging.

See more of Arianna’s work on Instagram:

My name is Emily Rueda, and I am an artist. I like to create art because it allows me to express stories and themes in an interesting way. Everything thing has been done before, but the exact process has not. I experience a unique creating process and have control over a perspective of a subject that is important to me. The artwork creates a conversation. I want to create artworks that have a clear message or leave the viewer asking more questions on the meaning of it. I want to expand on how I do art currently.

I create art to express myself and to tackle subject matters that interest me such as transformation, growth, fantasy, lore, mystery, and other subjects that connect to the human experience like mind, body, and soul like dreaming, religion, or beliefs. I lean towards these subjects because human experience is a major inspiration of mine. A person journey is complex and intriguing. Miles Johnston is an artist that I look up to. My work is different from others because I use a variety of mediums. When I create a piece, I sketch sometimes and while I am doing that, I imagine the work  as a character to give a Personality. With that I create the color scheme and materials I want to use. Once I have an idea, I like to go straight for it which can be frustrating. plan, so I revise many times while working, but it sticks to the concept at the end. At the end I see a piece that is well organized, cohesive, and charming. Others have said that there’s a visible high level of technique and creativity behind it.

My interest in art was always there, but it wasn’t until my middle art teacher push the students there to actual develop art skills. I was best at graphite at that time noticing this she pushed me to be better and try other mediums. She even recommended that I should attend Northeast Magnet. With encourage and determination I wanted to and still want to improve. Technical skills can always improve, but I want to focus on storytelling. I have started wanting to write a story to expand more on the narrative part of art. I have experimented with creating books to story tell and different types of art illustrations like comic book or mixed media. In the future I want to be like Eric Carle. I aspire to do so.

See more of Emily’s work on Instagram:
Facebook | @ArtHouse310,  Instagram | @ArtHouse310, TikTok | @AngieAwesomePants

Full Exhibition: June 3rd - June 19th

334 N. Mead St 
(316) 350-3245

Featured Artists: Ryan Conway, Madison Lang, Emerson, Brooklynn Bolton

Title of Exhibition: Order & Chaos, Portraits of Endangered Animals, The Glasses Through Which I See, From Beginning to End

Exhibition hours: 5-8pm 

Event Description:
Order & Chaos by Ryan Conway in the Main Gallery, Portraits of Endangered Animals by Madison Lang in the Main Hall Gallery, The Glasses Through Which I see by Emerson in the Balcony Gallery, and From Beginning to End by Brooklynn Bolton in the Boardroom Gallery. 

Full Exhibition: April 25-June 6, 2022

Free State Flora LLC
2910 East Douglas Avenue 

Featured Artists: Garrett and Jamie Briggeman

reception from 5pm-9pm

Free State Flora is located at 2910 E. Douglas Ave.


Friends University (Riney Fine Arts Gallery)
2100 W University Ave 
(316) 295-5000

Featured Artists: Alaina Cox, Madalyn Liebst, Mira Martinez, Robin Mathews, Nathan Mier and Nicolas Rozean

Exhibition Hours: 5-7 p.m

Reception: June 3 from 5-7 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

Title of Exhibition: Art Challenge Winners Gallery Opening

Event Description: 

Friends University will host a First Friday gallery reception on Friday, June 3 honoring the high school students who won the annual Art Challenge contest.

Art Challenge is a long-standing tradition at Friends University. The event seeks to support local high school art programs, offering free workshops and a juried art competition. Students, along with the recognition, get the opportunity to win generous scholarships. This year, the theme was Metamorphosis: The Art of Transformation. Contestants were challenged to enter a variety of media reflecting personal growth and evolution.

“I’d like to give a big thanks to the participants, teachers, and judges at this year's Metamorphosis Art Challenge,” said Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts, Donalyn Manion. “We had over eighty inspiring entries. The talent pool is deeper than ever!”

For more information on this event or other Fine Arts events, please contact the Fine Arts Box Office at 316-295-5677 or

Exhibit runs until June 26

412 East Douglas Avenue 

Our next First Friday Opening Reception at Gallery 12 will be for painter Lyda Andrews and ceramicist Judy Brees. It is on June 3rd from noon to 9 pm as usual.

The exhibit will be on view to June 25th & the gallery normal operating hours are still from Noon to 6 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Gallery 12 was established in 1977 and is Wichita's most successful Artist Cooperative Fine Art Gallery, exhibiting works by over 20 Local 2-D Artists and over 30 Local 3-D Artists. Artworks include: oil, watercolor  & acrylic paintings, hand pulled prints, photography, pastel art, works on fabric, pottery, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and enamel art.

All artworks are for sale and Gallery 12 offers a free layaway program for its customers & clients.

Check out Gallery 12's website or Facebook page for more information.

Gifts of the Spirit
875 Spaulding 

Title of Exhibition: Vibrant Visions

Featured Artist: Dieneke Henderson

Exhibition Hours: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Join us for June's First Friday as we celebrate the beautiful paintings, jewelry, and stained glass artwork of our very own Dieneke Henderson! Dieneke's work is informed by her experience of being bipolar and features strikingly vibrant landscapes and floral motifs that are expansive and inspiring. This show will catalog both recent and past works. 

There will be an opening reception on Friday, June 3rd from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Please invite a friend and come enjoy these beautiful works of art! 

Harvester Arts
215 N Washington Ave 
(316) 530-2203

Opening reception at Harvester Arts June 3 from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

Featured Artist: Armin Mühsam. 

 Armin is an artist who lives and works in Kansas City and Maryville, MO.  

The exhibit is called Structural Lyricisms

The exhibit will be up until June 29.

Hopping Gnome Brewing Company
1710 East Douglas Avenue 
(316) 771-2110

Featured Artist: Timothy Larsen

Title of Exhibition: First Friday at the Gnome

Exhibition Hours: June 3, 6 to 10 pm

We're excited to welcome our gnomie Timothy Larsen as our featured artist for June!

Timothy Larsen was born with a unique eye for photography. He picked up his first camera in the 6th grade and has been refining his art since that moment.

Tim specializes in finding the odd angles in scenes or objects that have been viewed thousands of times in everyday life by individuals simply living their lives.

As a new resident of Wichita, he's thoroughly enjoyed seeing our local landmarks and popular hangouts through a new lens, hence the art you are viewing right now.

This is how he explains his passion for photography: "I just enjoy finding the angle, the lighting that alters the perspective and mood of the subject into something unknown."

Grab a beer, check out his awesome photography, and support local art!

Exhibition Runs: June - July

Mulberry Art Gallery
2721 E. Central Avenue, Suite #215  
(316) 365-9461

Featured Artist(s): Kamela Eaton, I Am Why

Exhibition Hours: 6-9pm

Title of Exhibition: June First Friday

Exhibition featuring work from "I Am Why" and Kamela Eaton

The exhibition runs from June 3- June 30

Old Cowtown Museum
1865 Museum Boulevard 
(316) 219-1871

Title of Exhibition: The Art of Old Cowtown

Exhibition Hours: 5 to 9

Event Description: Enjoy the art inspired by or housed at Wichita's Old Cowtown Museum! Work by local artists and photographers will be on display as well as art from the displays of this living history museum.

Reuben Saunders Gallery
3215 E. Douglas Ave 

Featured Artists: Caitlin Alexander, Amy Baber, Sheldon Draper, Elijah Jacobs, Verlene Mahomes, Brittany Stewart

Title of Exhibition: "Mila on Display" - Curated by Mulberry Art Gallery

"Mila on Display" is a group exhibition curated by Anthony Joiner, owner and director of Mulberry Art Galley!

Exhibition: 5:30pm - 9pm (opening reception)

"Mila on Display" is a group exhibition curated by Anthony Joiner, owner and director of Mulberry Art Galley!

This exhibition is dedicated to local artists of Wichita, and their impact through vision and ambition.

Many of the artworks on display pay homage to the past while also giving a glimpse of a bright future. These expressive creations focus on personal growth, self-empowerment, cultural pride and connection.

We hope you will join us for our opening reception on First Friday, June 3rd, from 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm!
"Mila on Display" | Exhibition runs June 3rd through June 25th, 2022

The Enchanted Mermaid
3201 E Douglas 
(316) 207-1198

First Friday Art Show Featuring Stephanie!

Friday, June 3rd, 6-9 pm

Stop in to look at some art from a FINTASTIC local artist! While you’re in you can get a Mermaid Makeover💄, a Henna Tattoo, A palm reading ✋, some Mermaid Photos 🧜‍♀️, Refreshments, and more. We’re so excited to see you there!!🎨🧁

The Fiber Studio & Gallery
418 Commerce  

Featured Artists: Marilyn Grisham & Collected Friends

Exhibition Hours: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Title of Exhibition: E=ART=H & SKY #2

Event Description: First Friday, FIBERSTUDIO/GALLERY, Open from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.  Also open by Appoinment, at your convenience, phone 316, 303-1996.  
Woven and Stitched hangings by Marilyn Grisham along with Collected art pieces by familiar local artists.
New items will be added thru the month.  
 Phone for more details, FIBERSTUDIO/GALLERY, 316-303-1996.  418 S Commerce

View by appointment, 303-1996 or

The exhibition runs continuing thru June, '22

Thomas Grey Interiors
121 North Mead 
(316) 619-2844

Featured Artist: Steve Murillo 

Title of Exhibition: Steve Murillo 

Event Description: Steve Murillo is a Wichita artist known for murals and large-scale public art sculptures. He received his BFA and MFA from Wichita State University and later taught there for twelve years. He was a resident artist at the Michael Karolyi Foundation in southern France, served as an artist-in-resident for three years in the state and was awarded an artist residency at Rocky Mountain National Park.

First Friday: June 3rd, 6-9 pm

William J. Reals Gallery of Art-East
1010 N. Kansas 
(316) 293-2643

Featured Artists: Jason Crile, Amy Franklin and Phil Burress

Title of Exhibitions: The $30 Light Experiment and Green and Growing

Reception Hours: 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Photography will be the theme in the East Gallery with Wichita photographers Jason Crile and Amy Franklin. Crile’s “$30 Light Experiment” will feature studio photos using an unusual lighting technique and will include a slideshow of his artistic process. Franklin will display black and white photography within this exhibit. Join us from 5-7 p.m. Friday, June 3, to view the art and meet the artists at the opening reception. Refreshments will be provided.

“Green and Growing” will feature oil paintings on panel and canvas by artist Phil Burress. An artist from Park City, Kansas, Burress has a busy life with wife, Lori, and son, Fletcher. His career is in IT and he plays music on the side, but these days all available spare time is spent pursuing growth as an artist. His primary passion is painting landscapes and still lifes in oil. He paints en plein air when possible, as well as in the studio from reference material. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and wine will be provided.

Contact Jennifer Eaton at 293-3534 or with questions or for more information.

The exhibition will run from June 3-July 31

Upcoming Event: June 3

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