Nick Esterline
TGC Development Group

Nick Esterline of TGC Development Group is building a legacy. Visionaries of multiple revitalizations, Nick views TGC’s projects as just one piece of the larger puzzle when it comes to knitting together the urban fabric of downtown.

“The projects that we are doing in downtown are special to us because we could see that Wichita was on the cusp of vibrancy and there were a lot of people – including us – that were interested and excited about that. The projects struck cords in our hearts and we decided to take them on.”

While the company is headquartered in downtown Wichita, their focus has been leading development projects across the country for the past seventeen years, including on the east and west sides of Wichita. Driven by downtown’s renaissance in the last five years, the team started looking for opportunities to use their talents to leave a positive, lasting impression in their community.

“As downtown is coming together and growing we are seeing opportunities where we can be effective and we can bring our talents to the table.”

Nick and his team are the developers for the Spaghetti Works project, which includes the renovation of a historic warehouse into unique residential units and the construction of a new mixed-use building along Douglas Avenue. This project is transforming a vacant area of downtown into a local landmark while serving as a catalyst for the redesign of Naftzger Park, which is simultaneously under construction.

“I’ve had the vision of the (Spaghetti Works) project and have seen the renderings for three or four years now. Seeing the buildings is fine, but I’m most excited to see people walking in and out of them everyday. I’m excited to see some of the attorneys from Martin Pringle that are going to move in there grab their lunch from downstairs and go sit out in the park and eat their lunch, and to see the weekend activity when the park is lit up and we’ve got people in lawn chairs sitting out there listening to a spring jazz concert. I can’t wait for that. It’s going to be amazing.”

Next door to their headquarters, TGC is also developing the corner of Douglas and Emporia Street into a four-story office building with retail on the ground floor.

Nick sees his role in the community as an advocate – someone who is willing to take risks for the betterment of our city. He hopes that their projects will bring more excitement and investment to Wichita for his own family and for the community as a whole to experience.

“When we can find an opportunity to do projects in our own hometown that will be impactful for the long-term, I feel obligated and honored to do it and think our team feels the same way. We are very, very interested in investing in people as opposed to projects and we think that if the proper investment is in people, then the success of the projects will follow. We think that the people of Wichita can be positively impacted.”

Watch Nick’s Possibility People video above to hear more of his story.

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