Ryan and Valerie
Lucinda's in Old Town

Ryan and Valerie Reimers are inspiring happiness at Lucinda’s in Old Town. Born and raised in Wichita, Valerie was drawn to downtown at a young age. She was fascinated with the brick streets lined with local restaurants and boutiques, rich cultural experiences and community feel. She fell in love with shopping local, and found herself returning to downtown so often that when the opportunity arose to open her own shop, she knew it would be the perfect fit. 

Over the last eighteen years, Valerie and Ryan – partners for life and in business – have teamed up to bring her vision for Lucinda’s to life. They have created a shopping destination – a place for both locals and visitors to fall in love with local shopping as they explore unique items in an enchanting atmosphere. 

“We offer a happy place. A lot of our customers say that about us. If somebody needs an escape or to have a laugh…we have a lot of funny products. So just that atmosphere coupled with the product mix provides a good place for people to get away for a moment. Maybe they treat themselves or find a quick gift for somebody.” – Valerie

They ensure that the shop has something for everyone – from stylish ensembles to quirky, one-of-a-kind gifts. Jewelry, socks, books, cards and a wide variety of humorous gifts and gadgets are sure to make customers smile. Every item in the store is handpicked by Valerie and Ryan and is an expression of their creativity and personalities. 

Their love for their hometown can be seen in the Wichita themed products and souvenirs. Valerie and Ryan also make their own unique designs that have become popular in the community. Valerie was the visionary for the slogans and designs for Lucinda’s exclusive t-shirts that read, “Wichita is for Lovers,” “Sunshine State of Mind,” “Icey Tea” and more.

"Our downtown is uniquely Wichita and we enjoy being a part of it." - Ryan

Valerie and Ryan’s love for local shopping has flourished over the years as they select the one-of-a-kind items that can be purchased in their store. Their creativity and passion for what they do is reflected in every element and item in the store, and is what has made them a memorable shopping location in downtown. 

“You’re on a treasure hunt when you come here. There’s a lot to look at and admire.” - Valerie.

Watch their Possibility People video above to learn more.

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