Austin Dugan
86 Cold Press

For Austin Dugan juicing is more than a trend – it’s a lifestyle. His passion for healthy living comes from personal experience with Crohn’s Disease. Diagnosed when he was 8, Austin began learning how different foods can affect the body. He started creating his own unique cold pressed juice recipes to stay healthy and discovered his talent for making refreshing, energizing drinks. Through this experience, Austin was inspired to turn his affliction into a thriving business called 86 Cold Press.

“I just love juice - I love creating different flavors and to see people’s lives change because of that makes me feel really good.”

Growing up in a very entrepreneurial family, transforming his passion into a career came naturally. In 2016, Austin purchased a juice bike and decided to join the mobile food craze. He would hop on the bike and pedal downtown to sell his juice at the Pop-Up Park, food truck rallies, and local artisan markets. The positive response led Austin to open his first storefront location.

“It’s not very easy to find healthy alternatives in Wichita and even in surrounding cities. It’s part of my mission to make healthy foods and beverages as convenient as I can for the city. For us, juice isn’t trendy, it’s more of a lifestyle because it makes you feel better and gives you better mental clarity and more energy.”

From a juice bike, to a startup storefront, to a brand new location that offers plenty of room to grow, downtown has served as an innovative incubator. The urban center and experiences that surround 86 Cold Press reflects the thriving, positive atmosphere that Austin strives to create for his customers and employees.

Walking through the doors of 86 Cold Press you’ll be immersed in modern décor that blends perfectly with the historic character of the building. Choose from a colorful selection of juices containing everything from pineapple to lemon and carrot to kale.

“I thrive in positive atmospheres and that’s what I wanted to create when I opened 86 Cold Press. When people walk in the door and they’re getting a juice that they know is going to help them with their health and it feels good to be a part of that. Starting downtown really helped us bring that positive atmosphere in place.”

Watch his Possibility People video to learn more.