Connect With Results

Collaborating on Progress at the Core. A vibrant urban ecosystem benefits individual businesses and their surrounding communities. Downtown Wichita is passionate about attracting and sustaining dynamic commercial interests that will perpetuate the vitality of development downtown.

With ample office and retail space in the city’s commercial core and three of Wichita’s top five largest office buildings located downtown, we partner with the private sector to help companies find the best fit for their business.We sustain this effort by maintaining strategic relationships with public and private investors who share our dynamic vision for downtown Wichita. INTRUST Bank Arena is one such key player, anchoring downtown as a catalyst for commercial and recreational activity. For businesses proven to create jobs, draw attention and deliver strong returns in the community, we’re always looking for ways to help our partners flourish.

With over 500,000 square feet of retail space in the city’s core —the possibilities to launch entrepreneurial ideas and startups in an already thriving environment are endless. Mixed-use buildings offer exciting residential options alongside thriving commercial spaces, building vibrant communities and activating critical ground floor space one city block at a time. From renovations to new construction, there’s a lot to keep an eye on downtown.