Commerce and Culture at the Core

Empowering possibilities downtown. Downtown Wichita is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that amplifies the energy, capital, and growth of Downtown by empowering residents, visitors, and businesses to explore the possibilities of our city’s core.

Founded in 2002 as the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC), our mission is to introduce optimism to opportunity to revitalize and enhance Wichita’s urban core. We collaborate with change-makers whose presence stimulates investment and interest in Downtown. By connecting resources from the private sector and local government, inviting locals, investors and visitors alike to experience the diverse layers of Downtown Wichita, we steward spaces for commerce and culture to thrive.

Downtown Wichita shows collaborative leadership to strengthen Downtown as:

  • The core of urban experiences for all citizens of Wichita.
  • A connected and prosperous place for professional growth.
  • An incubator for creative expression and cultural diversity.
  • A vibrant, authentic environment for tourism, investment, and exploration.

Our Structure

Governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Downtown property owners, businesses and stakeholders, and administrated by a professional staff, Downtown Wichita contracts with the City of Wichita to provide development services in the city’s core.  This contract is funded through a Self Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID), designating Downtown as the geographic area bounded by Washington Street, Central Avenue, Kellogg Avenue and the Arkansas River.

While attention and resources are focused on this geographic area, any individual, business, association, corporation, partnership, or other entity interested in contributing to the vitality of Downtown is welcome to collaborate with Downtown Wichita.

Our staff connects entrepreneurs and property owners to information on prospective business locations, sharing relevant market data to help evaluate opportunities for new businesses, develop marketing and promotional strategies, and assist with conceptualizing or implementing construction.

Downtown Wichita is one of six strategic priorities of the Greater Wichita Partnership.