Final Friday Gallery Crawl

The Final Friday gallery crawl is a unique opportunity for thousands of students, families and art lovers to engage with local art each month at unique locations in Downtown and throughout the city. This grassroots event continues to thrive because of the collective vision and collaboration of galleries and artists.

As the name implies, Final Friday happens the last Friday of each month. Hours vary between galleries, but most are open during the core hours of 7pm to 9pm. Most galleries use Final Friday to unveil and debut new shows or as a closing reception. All venues are free and open to the public and several galleries incorporate artist demonstrations and/or live music. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Free Trolley to Galleries

Recognizing that Downtown is the artistic and cultural center for the region, the Q-Line Trolley service transports art lovers to the concentration of venues along Douglas Avenue in Downtown. The ride is free and allows attendees to park once and visit several galleries.

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Future Dates

This month's Final Friday will occur on March 29, 2019. Participating venues will be listed on this website no less than a week before the event.

Future Final Fridays will occur every month, except for the month of December due to the holidays. Mark your calendars for the following 2019 dates to never miss a Final Friday:

  • April 26
  • May 31
  • June 28
  • July 26
  • August 30
  • September 27
  • October 25
  • November 29
City Arts
334 N Mead 
Final Friday at City Arts

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-8pm

Featuring artwork by Ann Krone

Full exhibitions will run through April 19, 2019

Cjoy Soulworks
110 N. St. Francis 
United States of Mind

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Kamela Eaton
Born and raised in Wichita,Kansas, Kamela Eaton earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Wichita State University. She has worked for many years as an illustrator with artwork appearing in local, regional and national publications.
Currently, Eaton’s practice is focused on figurative paintings that explore all aspects of her identity. Her African American, working-class, Midwestern upbringing is reflected in her bold, colorful, straightforward, no-frills perspective on emotional spaces and experiences. Unapologetically and beautifully rendered, her paintings address many difficult issues from mental health, racism, sexism, gender, heterosexism and classism to ancestral memory, homeland terrorism and cultural appropriation.

This series of figurative paintings explore the “states of mind” the artist navigates and negotiates while living black, female, queer, working class and depressed in America. Eaton’s visual vernacular metaphorically juxtaposes objects and subjects to create familiar, yet unsettling imagery and dreamlike compositions. These visual vignettes represent a blend of the artist's past and present memories, experiences and emotions. The bodiless heads are used not only to represent feelings of detachment and isolation associated with depression, but they also symbolize how historically and systematically, those on the margins of society have often been treated as less than whole human beings. At the same time, Eaton is referencing the significance of the human head, thought to be the center of character and emotion, within West African Yoruba art, religion and culture.

Clifton Collective
3700 E Douglas Suite 40 
Final Friday with Micah White

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Micah White

In lieu of the upcoming Wichita Jazz Festival we welcome Micah White, WSU Jazz Student for our March Final Friday. Join us in the heart of College Hill for a long-awaited spring night on the town with tunes, sips and snacks!

Fairmount Coffee Co.
3815 E. 17th St. N 
Final Friday at Fairmount Coffee Co.

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Rachel Cooper

To Rachel, art is about capturing moments and discovering beauty. While she appreciates all types of art, she especially love crafting portraits with sparkling eyes and sunny faces through watercolor and graphite. Often her inspiration comes from pictures of her daughters or close friends, although she does enjoy creating the occasional commission piece. When she's not doing portrait work, she also loves indulging in imaginative and nature-centered art.

Live music will be provided for portions of the evening.

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery
1210 E Douglas 
Portraits of Memories

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Nathanial Follis

Light appetizers and beverages will be provided.

Full exhibition will run through April 26, 2019

Friends University - Riney Fine Arts Center
2100 W University Ave 
Silver Gelatin Photographs by Dale Strattmen

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-7pm

Featuring artwork by Dale Strattmen

Strattman taught art from 1972 to 2013, first as a teacher at West, Northwest and Northwest Magnet high schools, then at Tabor College and finally as an adjunct instructor at Wichita State University. Strattman’s 45 years of analog photography experience inform every print. He shoots with a large format Zone VI View Camera and develops the photographs in a darkroom in his basement, producing subtle blacks, silvery greys and a clarity difficult to achieve by other means.

The exhibit is sponsored in part by KMUW, Wichita’s National Public Radio member station.

Full exhibition will be on display until April 20

Gallery XII
412 E. Douglas Ave 
“The Nature of Things”

Exhibition Hours: 5:30pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by Doug Billings. We will also be showing enamel works by Enamel Alchemy: Karin Cernik, Jennifer Walterscheid, Linda Gebert, Janet Dobler, Bruce Chapin, Diana Nichols, Robert Nichols, Kristie Eubanks, Gary Calvert, Christopher Ender, Cindy Dyke, Sara Quinn and Christine Tasheff.

Full exhibition will run through April 23, 2019

Garvey Center
250 W Douglas Ave #100 
Garvey Center Final Friday

Exhibition Hours: 6 pm-9 pm

Featuring artwork by Paula Andrea, Claytique Roses Studios, Lasseter Arts, Kait Werth, Wichita Sigma Psi Zeta, PassionatePetals, Mike Fallier, Nathaniel Follis, Juanta R Wolfe, Meredith Radke-Gannon, Jennifer Larsen, Michella Tripoli, Ted Adler, Emily Miller Yamanaka, Organic Publishing and music by Miki Masuda

Cooking is clearly an art form we proudly promote. A limited number of FREE crab rangoon appetizers will be available from Kyoto Garden! In addition to our new artist lineup below, you'll have your next chance to win a $100 gift card from our local favorite, Georges French Bistro! LIKE our page and complete an ENTRY FORM at any artist's table during March's Final Friday ICT to be entered to win! In honor of Women's History Month, we will proudly highlight Wichita Sigma Psi Zeta in our large showroom.

Great Plains Transportation Museum
700 E. Douglas Ave. 
Santa Fe Railway Calendar Art

Exhibition Hours: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Featuring artwork from various artists

For most of the years of the 20th century the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway issued yearly calendars, each of which featured a print from their their Collection of Southwestern Art. This exhibit will display approximately two dozen representative prints from their calendars.

Full exhibition will run through May 5, 2019

Harvester Arts
215 N Washington Ave 
What Remains

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by John Wesley Beal, Kayla Bersztaitis, Jamie Ho, Katie Maher, Amanda Pfister, Caroline Ragatz, Hugo Zelada-Romero, Sam Salinas and Megan Wilburn

What Remains invites photographers whose work deals with themes of memory, history and vernacular photography (vernacular being the everyday, common, snapshot). This show ponders the unintentional beauty of common subjects in the digital age.

Hopping Gnome Brewing Company
1710 East Douglas Avenue 
Final Friday at The Gnome: Women Empowerment

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-11pm

Featuring artwork and photography by Macey Haney Artistry

The featured artist for March is Macey Haney Artistry. To wrap-up Women’s History Month, the artist is donating 20% of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
Message from the Artist: "This show is something I’m very passionate about and I can’t wait for everyone to see what I’ve been working on. If I can make a difference in the world while doing what I love then I’d say it doesn’t get much better than that. Whether it’s through donating to a place like Planned Parenthood who has helped me myself and countless other women, or just spreading knowledge and inspiration to the people who see my art at the show, I consider it a success."

HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
430 S. Commerce Street, Suite 200 
VIVID Exhibition

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by Sean Christopher Ward, Lindy Wiese and Dana Blickensderfer

Dana Blickensderfer began her artistic career while working and living in New York City. She is also the founder of Provoke Art and the co-founder of iBoss Advertising. She is a USF alumna and studied drawing and painting at the New York Studio School [NYSS] in 2015-2016. In recent years, she opened the base of her artistic studio in St Petersburg (FL), where she continues to develop works today. Recently displaying a multi-sensory exhibition during Art Basel Miami 2018, she is a wonderful addition to this exhibition at HUE!

Sean Christopher Ward will be displaying a very special collection of works this month, as well. Over the last two months, he has been working on creating a series of miniature artworks, all which are framed and in the following affordable price points:
2.5"x3.5", framed and matted acrylic painting: $40
4"x4", framed and matted acrylic painting: $60
8"x8", acrylic and artesian painting: $100
11"x14", acrylic painting: $200
12"x16", acrylic painting: $250

Lindy Wiese is continuing to work on her oil paintings and will have a large selection of works from her solo exhibition and current projects on display, as well!

ICT Pop-Up Urban Park
121 E Douglas Ave 
Final Friday with Tribal Roots

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-11pm

Featuring artwork by Tribal Roots

Join us for a night of live music, art, and food as we emerge from winter hibernation to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Journey The Way
147 S. Hillside 
“A Personal Narrative”

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-8pm

Featuring artwork by over 50 East High School students

Krystle Cole Fine Art Gallery
4600 W. Kellogg Drive 
March Animal Art Safari

Exhibition Hours: 10am-7pm

Featuring artwork by Krystle Cole

Hi, my name is Krystle Cole. I love painting animals and spreading joy :)

I'm a local Wichita artist, and I’d like to invite you to a very special exhibition at my gallery. Over a hundred of my colorful animal paintings are on exhibit. There are dozens of dogs, cats, zoo animals, and farm animals. If you are an animal lover like me, then my art is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Prints of all my paintings are on sale for only $15 unframed and $25 framed - these are great gifts for the animal lovers in your life!

Krystle Cole Fine Art is located in Towne West Mall in Wichita, KS in a corner space that’s across from Kay Jewelers and near the North Mall Entrance where the JoAnn Fabrics used to be.

If you can't make it to my gallery, my art can also be viewed online at -

KU School of Medicine (Wichita) - William J. Reals Gallery of Art
1010 N. Kansas St. 
"A Collective"

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-7pm

Featuring artwork by Lily Frances

"A Collective" will feature artworks in various media by artist Lily Frances Dooman. An eclectic variety of pieces from throughout her career will be on display in the William J. Reals Gallery of Art-East.

Lily Frances Dooman is a mixed-media artist and musician whose experience as a lifelong Kansan informs the organic feel of much of her work. Inspired and instructed in her youth by her artist father, she studied formally at Butler County and has exhibited work at the Wichita Center for the Arts and the Coutts Museum of Art in El Dorado. From painting and leather tooling to textiles, each of her works is bespoke and entirely unique.

Join us on Final Friday for complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres while viewing the art.

Full exhibition will run through May 31

615 W Douglas Ave 
Final Friday at L'image

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring aerial photography by Charles Lloyd

With the talent to visualize light and venue details, Charles Lloyd has a unique way of capturing the perfect shot. From photographing beautiful landscapes of the Kansas Plains and Wyoming scenery, to shooting event and aviation photography, Charles is constantly perfecting his photographing skills with the help of a few local legends.

Charles Lloyd will be present and open to answering any questions about his history behind the camera and technique to getting the perfect shot. Photography by Charles Lloyd will be available for preview and purchase, finger foods available in the back for snacking, and free drinks to all 21 and up.

Works by Charles Lloyd will be on display for 3 weeks after the opening reception. During that time, our walls will be available for preview during normal business hours.

Full exhibition will run through April 20

Mid-America Fine Arts
2601 E. Central Ave 
Final Friday at Mid-America Fine Arts

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-8pm

Featuring artwork by Mike Fallier

After 45 years of selling traditional art in Wichita, on March 29th Mid-America Fine Arts is going to be part of the Downtown Wichita Final Friday Art Gallery Crawl. The event will be held in our newly remodeled gallery at 2601 E. Central (6 blocks west of Wesley Hosp). We are very happy to feature talented Wichita artist Mike Fallier. Stop by to meet Mike and watch a live watercolor demonstration and see some of his great works. Mid-America Fine Arts has over 700 pieces of original traditional Kansas and American art displayed at Mid-America Fine Arts and shown online at:

Midwest Center for Photography
1215 Franklin St 

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-9pm

Featuring photographs by various international and national photographers
Adam Bernard, Medina, OH; Julianne Clark, Tulsa, OK; Dave Conkling, Grinnell, IA; Marilyn Crocker, Evanston, IL; Dallas Crow, St. Paul, MN; Chel Delaney, San Antonio, TX; Meghan Duda, Fargo, ND; Lee Fearnside, Luckey, OH; Elizabeth Herrmann, St. Petersburg, FL; Patricia Howard, Alexandria, VA; Una Ingram, Corte Madera, CA; Luke Jordan, Lawrence, KS; Elise Kirk, Lawrence, KS; Jeff Lewis, Sharon, MA; James Meldrum, Beloit, WI; David Skidmore, Sister Bay, WI; Paul Stapp, St. Paul, MN; Lynn Whitney, Waterville, OH; Eric Zeigler, Maumee, OH.

An exhibition about everyday life outside of the big city.

The vast expanse of land between the East and West coasts may be one that is often overlooked and referred to as "Flyover Country", although there is tremendous pride found in the people of the American heartland and a strong presence of talented photographers. In this exhibition we are looking to identify photographs with an aesthetic that emerges from the land and culture of the center of America through portraits, documentary approaches, and images of place.

By curating this Midwestern story through photographs, visual impressions are exposed of how ordinary people, familiar land, and domestic environments establish a truth that speaks to America's strengths, fragility, and even its flaws. At a time when urban and rural parts of the United States are becoming more divided, having an avenue for conversation and mutual appreciation through visual communication is key. Flyover Country focuses on appreciating the beauty, individuality, and vastness of an aesthetic that is uniquely Midwestern American.

Mud Haus LLC
922 East Douglas Avenue 
Final Friday Concrete Sculpture Demo

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Craig Campbell

Come join us at the Mud Haus and see first hand how artist Craig Campbell creates one of a kind works of art from concrete.

Newman University - Steckline Gallery
3100 W McCormick St 
In The Bag?

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-7pm

Featuring artwork by Seth Blume

“What’s in the Bag? It looks like a chair. I know that is a chair, but why is he asking? If he is asking then it must be something different, right? Wait!? What else could it be? It is so obvious that it is a chair with a trash bag wrapped around it! I think!? I am confused, this art show sucks. So...what is in the bag? Should it be something else because he is asking? I don’t even care, I’ll wait till the bag is open and tell everyone, ‘I didn’t give into his tricks!’. I think he wants me to try to imagine that it could possibly be something different. That is crazy, it’s a chair in a yellow trash bag, look at it!? I mean...I’m pretty sure it is.”

No Craft Left Behind
1121 N. Bitting 

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-12am
Doors open at 5 PM
Artist Reception at 7 PM
One-Night-Only Performance at 10:30 PM
Doors Close at Midnight

Featuring artwork by Monika Maddux

MONIKAHOUSE in Riverside is the transformation of an 1891 Queen Anne home into Monika's Life Size Dollhouse. Wichita State University Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture Candidate Monika Stockton Maddux invites you to experience the excitement of 5,100 square feet of pure playfulness throughout all four floors of this magnificent Life Size Dollhouse. Monika is following in the footsteps of Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro to create an installation the likes of which we have not seen since 1972. This profound exhibition is unexpectedly coming from the Midwest! Each night from dusk until dawn, you may witness an installation in the 3rd floor window. Join us at the historic CW Bergman Victorian Home in Riverside and witness the beautiful architecture and ten-foot ceilings, themes of domestic issues and spectacular handmade sculptures. Free Admission and Open to the Public. Presented by The BISON Foundation and NCLB, No Craft Left Behind. No Craft Left Behind, LLC is founded on the principal that The Arts are a crucial component of societal progress and must be encouraged to survive. By providing the means necessary for people to develop new and practical applications for their craft, NCLB believes everyone will be successful and live a naturally fulfilling life. The BISON: Brain Injury Support, Operational& Neurological Foundation is a non-profit organization that is pioneering new and better ways to help those affected by Traumatic Brain Injury. We are here to manage symptoms, find strategies for effective living and empower individuals and families with knowledge about treatment options. Joining forces, NCLB and BISON strive to assist those with TBI find a creative source to help with healing through music, dance and visual art. All profits from merchandise sales and donations at the event will benefit The BISON Foundation.

2nd & Mead St 
Final Friday with Phlox: Season Opener

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-10pm

Featuring flow art by Phlox

We are excited to kick off a new season of Final Friday with Phlox!!! Come join us in Old Town Square around dusk to watch a dazzling and possibly dizzying display of FIRE, LED, and DANCE!! This is a weather permitting event, so watch our Facebook event for updates. Our troupe specializes in all flow art including but not limited to: Poi, Hoops, Staves, Fans, and Fire Breathing!!Groovy tunes with our resident DJ's Sleep Psycles and Goaty the Kid!!! This is a kid friendly event, but please keep an eye on the little ones. Just be cautious of them and keep them away from open flames and outside the LED perimeter!! Tips are greatly appreciated and insure that we can continue our event for years to come! Be ready to be amazed, and remember to cheer for your dancers!!
For booking please email Tyler at or visit the Phlox Kansas facebook page at

Positive Directions
416 S Commerce  
Positive Directions' Final Friday

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Lily Guillen
About Lily: Lily Guillen primarily works with photography and collage. She is Mexican- born, but grew up in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. She is currently a first year graduate art student at Wichita State University, pursuing an MFA in Photo Media. She has had numerous award winning artworks exhibited in shows.

March is all about the strength, power, and beauty every woman possesses. Join us on Final Friday for A Celebration of Women featuring up-and-coming artist Lily Guillen.

Full exhibition will be on display until April 30

Reuben Saunders Gallery
3215 E. Douglas Ave 
Splatterscapes + Infinity Art Glass

Exhibition Hours: 5:30pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Charles Baughman and Scott Hartley

This exhibition will feature two of our most vibrant artists. It will be a wonderful juxtaposition between Charles Baughman's action filled splatter paintings and Scott Hartley's smooth, flawless glass forms.

Full exhibition will run through April 20

Sandbar Trading
414 South Commerce St 
The Music of the Southwest

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-8pm

Featuring artwork by Vince Serrioz

Shaman Botanicals - East
7777 E 21st Suite 120 
Art Show Kava-Kava Mixer

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Kyle Hall and Landon Gray Barnhart

We are celebrating our one year anniversary with local artists Kyle Hall and Landon Gray Barnhart! Come try a free CBD sample and/or Kav

Tessera Fine Art Gallery
412 E Douglas Suite C 
Final Friday at Tessera Fine Art Gallery

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Bob Schmidt

Tessera Gallery is closing and is selling everything! This includes art supplies, art books, furniture, kitchen supplies & dishes, etc. 2 hours only: 6 - 8 PM, during Final Friday Art Crawl. No credit cards will be accepted. All sales final.

The Fiber Studio & Gallery
418 Commerce  
The Southwest; Landscape and Myth

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by Novelene Ross

The Hudson
508 S Commerce St 
Final Friday at The Hudson Urban Garden

Exhibition Hours: 5pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Linda Daughtery
We will be displaying art by our very own Linda Daugherty, who is the mom to one of The Hudson's owners, Lauren Guthrie. "I've always been a creative person, but never tried my hand at painting until 4 years ago. I am, what you may call, self taught or YouTube trained. All that I know has been gleamed from watching others. My medium of choice is acrylic paints and my style is whatever I fancy that day. Isn't that what art should be about after all?"

Join us Friday, March 29th, for Final Friday in the Urban Garden. It'll be decked out with yard games, fire pits, and jams by DJ D. Reed and DJ #, a father-son duo who will be mixing old school vs new school beats. There will be a cash bar by Xclusive Event Services so you can pre-game for Final Friday, join us after you've walked through the other galleries, or just come hang out for the entire evening. Indoors, we will have a classic movie playing. Bring your own chairs or blankets and stayed tuned for more details on that!

The Studio | School
751 s George Washington Blvd 
Catherine Freshley Residency Show

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by the Catherine Freshley

Please join Catherine Freshley for a Final Friday reception showcasing her bright, contemporary paintings of the Midwest. Freshley is the first recipient of the Arnold Gallery Residency at STUDIO | SCHOOL and has been painting in the gallery space since the beginning of March. In addition to more than a dozen original paintings, Freshley will have prints and note cards available for purchase.

The Workroom
150 North Cleveland 
(316) 295-4520
Final Friday at The Workroom

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Jeremy Miller and Drone-tography

Join us 6-9pm for art, a glass of wine and live music by Craig Owens and Dale Black.

TISSU Sewing Studio
2326 E Douglas Ave 
Dynamically Connected: The Art of Healing

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-9pm

Featuring artwork by Nicole Strain
Artist Nicole Strain is a multi-talented mix media artist known for her ability to create with magic & connect without boundaries. Her work includes fortuitous fibers/macrame, soul-searching abstract art & darling downtown murals such as "Kindness Is Magic" & "Keep Breathing."

"Dynamically Connected: the art of healing" is an exhibit illustrating the power of art within the healing process. It is a display of mixed media, with acrylic paint, alcohol ink, and fiber.

Vanya Designs
520 S Commerce  
Final Friday at Vanya Designs

Exhibition Hours: 7pm-9:30pm

Featuring artwork by Ann Marie Price

Ann Marie Price will be displaying a very special mixed medium collection on domestic violence awareness and substance abuse addiction.

Her passion shows the raw emotions of learning to be a survivor, and not standing still as a victim. She hopes that those who view the Exhibit will get a sense of how it feels to have struggled with the demons of addiction and the magnificent life sobriety can bring.

There will be some adult content in this exhibit. Please use discretion when bringing children.

A portion of proceeds from art sales will go to Harbor House and Wichita AA Central office.

Vertigo 232 Art Gallery
232 N. Market 
"Any Minute Now"

Exhibition Hours: 6pm-10pm

Featuring artwork by the graduating Friends University Artists Isabella Gonzalez, Ethan Harvey, Colin Honts, Danielle Medrano, Joana Segura and Madalyn Swinicki as they showcase work from their time at Friends.

Full exhibition will run through March 29

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