Handpicked Hometown

Lauren shares her fashion expertise and creative vision with the women of Wichita at her local boutique Handpicked Los Angeles. Bringing southern California style to the Midwest, she is a strong female entrepreneur who believes fashion can reflect your unique personality at an affordable price. Catch the vision and visit HPLA in Downtown Wichita today.

“When I was looking for somewhere to open that was one of the big things for me in moving to Wichita. I wanted to take everything I learned and bring it back here, and work with young girls and show them that there can be a fashion industry here. That’s something that I’m very, very passionate about. I use all local models. I use all local photographers and I really find that that’s really my place here in town. I feel like I provide that atmosphere where they get to experience the fashion industry right here in town.”

Visit Handpicked Los Angeles at 221 S. Broadway.