Project Downtown


What Is a Master Plan?


A Master Plan is a blueprint for development. It builds upon the uniqueness of the community and it casts visions for the future. Key to the plan's success is community engagement. Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita strives to achieve several key outcomes: 

  • connect and maximize the potential of areas including Old Town, INTRUST Bank Arena and the River Corridor;
  • build upon previous downtown plans;
  • provide specific action-oriented development strategies, including implementation plans;
  • define the vision for Downtown;
  • the initiatives will be based upon economic analysis and realities and the plan will maximize private sector investment and return on public sector investment. 
  • the plan will futher soldifiy the identity of our city and community.

As a result of such planning, we can expect a number of outcomes:  

  • it will assist the community in retaining young people, families and jobs;
  • it will increase tourism
  • it will grow existing tax base revenues; and
  • it will make Wichita competitive in regional, national and global markets. 
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