Maitreya, 2020

Designed for those with low to now vision, Maitreya is an installation made of three mounted geometric shapes filled with intricately crafted, ceramic flowers glazed in bright colors. The piece was created with the intention for individuals to enjoy and explore through touch, something artist Tomiyo Tajiri considers a way of healing.

“Any museum, gallery, don’t touch. Right? I don’t like it.” Explained artist Tomiyo Tajiri. “I want to say please touch.”

Tomiyo Tajiri, Artist

Tomiyo Tajiri grew up on Okino-Erabu-Shima, a small island located north of the Island of Okinawa. Tajiri moved to the United States in 1995 and soon thereafter began losing her vision, which now informs her creative process. Tajiri is known for fashioning accessories, decorations and origami designs out of traditional Japanese Washi paper and has given demonstrations and training classes in New York, Colorado, California and at the Wichita Art Museum.