An incredible transformation

Over the past ten years, our urban center has undergone a major transformation driven by Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita. With over $1 billion invested over the past decade and key accomplishments in each market sector, we're on track to achieve the goals outlined in the plan.

From the catalytic projects that set the plan in motion to the projects currently underway – the vision set forth in the master plan is becoming a reality in our city.

Key accomplishments:

  • Over $1 billion of investment
  • 3 new hotels completed, totaling 375 new hotel rooms
  • Residential units have doubled, adding 1,228 new units in 21 new properties
  • Over 445K square-feet of retail space added in the Central Business District
  • 14% increase in occupied office space in the Central Business District

Watch the latest Possibility People video (shown above) to reflect on the progress our community has made.