Meet the Artists

Kevin is working with three talented local artists named Priscella, Quintis and Rob to create the Front Porch at Public at the Brickyard. Together, they've created an installation filled with art, color and light. Get your cameras ready - it's sure to become an Instagram destination!

Priscella Brown

Born and raised in Wichita, KS, Priscella Brown is a local artist seizing opportunities full speed ahead. Her artistry includes murals, urban art, illustration and graphic design, which she’s developed over a lifetime, along with further development at the Art Institute of Colorado. She has participated in various art galleries and vendor shows throughout the city and has completed illustrations for children’s books, winning the Kansas Notable Book Award “People, Pride and Promise.” Outside of art, she enjoys music and singing, along with spending time with her family.

Artist Statement
I love the quote by Romero Britto “Art is too important not to share”. I enjoy digging deep into the cultures presents, often colliding my love for music and art. I love creating art that is profound, relatable as well as reflective.

Follow Priscella on Instagram @domesick_creationz and on Twitter @mspriss02!

Quintis "Quack" Pinkston

I was born and raised on Wichita soil and I consider myself an urban abstract artist making murals and other funky stuff. My art is influenced by 80s and 90s graffiti artists like Futura 2000 and Totem. I also love the works of Chuck Styles and Ernie Bonds. I started making art at a young age as a way to escape and relax in a space which I controlled. I make art for everyone to enjoy.

About Rob "Helex" Wilson

I can only describe my creative process like this. All day, every day we are usually interacting with other humans. Every human has their own personality and goes thru the day with multiple different feelings. That’s why I have chosen a somewhat abstract art form. When I paint, whether it be a wall, canvas, and or a sign, I want my art to take you away from the daily bump and grind. I want your mind to drift away from the daily stress that we encounter. When I draw or are sketching I myself let my mind drift away. It’s a stress reliever and is very calming to me. These feelings I feel while creating are the same things I’d like to project thru my art. While you are looking at my art, and for a short period of time forget about the negative in your life, then I have succeeded at what I am trying to accomplish. Art is a very powerful skill, and when applied properly can be life changing. So why not excel at what I love to do and use the power of art to change a person’s mind frame.

An example I often use to explain my art is like this. What if you were on your way to an art show, and on the way to the show you encounter road rage. Once you get to the show, you’re not mentally happy with what you encountered. But once you enter the building displaying my art, you instantly forget about the negativity you experienced on the way to the show. The art instantly makes you forget because your more focused on what was this artist thinking/ going through while creating this. Abstract art lets the mind roam and be free. While art with human figures tends to create more emotions, and feelings. Seeing a painting with an individual in it that looks like or brings back the road rage feelings isn’t what I want to achieve.