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"New parking restrictions take effect this weekend in Old Town" 08/05/16 Wichita Eagle


New restrictions designed to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety on Old Town’s busiest nights go into effect this weekend.  read more >>

"GWP busy in its first eco devo year" 08/04/16 Wichita Business Journal


The Greater Wichita Partnership’s first year wasn’t a do-nothing year.  read more >>

"Young Wichita entrepreneurs proving these aren’t your average jeans" 08/04/16 Wichita Eagle


Two 24-year-old Wichitans who have been making high-end, custom jeans in a basement are preparing to open their first storefront at Douglas and Emporia.  read more >>

"Cargill selects architect, issues deadline for new headquarters" 08/03/16 Wichita Eagle

Cargill continues inching closer to a decision about a new Wichita headquarters.  read more >>

"ICT Chalk Talks has launched" 08/01/16 Wichita Business Journal


The ICT Chalk Talks are under way. 

"The Cargill site list stands at four" 07/27/16 Wichita Business Journal



City officials say that they're going to be happy wherever Cargill lands in Wichita.  read more >>

"Big Oktoberfest party planned for October at new Union Station" 07/27/16 Wichita Eagle

The big new plaza in front of the just-renovated Union Station in downtown Wichita will be broken in this fall with an old-fashioned Oktoberfest.  read more >>

"ICT Chalk Talks to launch Friday with lunchtime party" 07/25/16 Wichita Eagle

ICT Chalk Talks will kick off its public engagement initiative with a lunchtime launch party Friday.  read more >>

"​Wichita’s e2e Accelerator begins its drive to self-sustainability" 07/22/16 Wichita Business Journal


Class is in session for the first six participants in Wichita’s new e2e Accelerator Inc. entrepreneurial initiative.  read more >>

"Promising Wichita businesses press the accelerator" 07/22/16 Wichita Eagle


The official launch of Wichita’s e2e entrepreneur accelerator on Thursday afternoon was packed with well-wishers.  read more >>

"Free bicycle repair station installed at Topeka and Douglas" 07/17/16 Wichita Eagle


Downtown bicyclists rejoice. 

"Wichita's apartment boom" 07/15/16 Wichita Business Journal


Anita Oberwortmann started her own cleaning business in 1978, working long hours and often sacrificing sleep to make ends meet.  read more >>

"The Douglas apartments on track for fall opening" 07/14/16 Wichita Business Journal

A staircase on the ninth floor of the Exchange Place building in downtown Wichita is a link to the past.  read more >>

"Popular downtown coffee shop taking over YMCA cafe space" 07/14/16 Wichita Eagle


Mead’s Corner, the popular downtown coffee shop at 430 E. Douglas, is opening a second location in an unexpected place.  read more >>

"Analyst optimistic about Wichita’s future" 07/13/16 Wichita Business Journal


James Chung is bullish on Wichita. 

"Attendees leave Chung presentation encouraged by Wichita's progress" 07/13/16 Wichita Business Journal

Shelly Prichard didn’t want people to be bombarded with more data.  read more >>

"Wichita agrees to $20 million Hyatt deal with casino magnate Phil Ruffin" 07/12/16 Wichita Eagle


The city of Wichita will be out of the hotel business and $20 million richer in a few weeks.  read more >>

"Hyatt Regency a crucial asset" 07/12/16 Wichita Eagle


The city purchased the Hyatt Regency Wichita 15 years ago.  read more >>

"Toni D’s Too closing after 26 years, new cafe will take over Epic Center space" 07/11/16 Wichita Eagle


A new restaurant is taking over the space in the Epic Center where Toni D’s Too has operated since 1990.  read more >>

"Two downtown restaurants about to open in new spaces" 07/08/16 Wichita Eagle


Two downtown restaurants are finished with their relocations and are just about ready to get back to business.  read more >>

"When an autopark isn’t just for cars" 07/07/6 Wichita Eagle


Instead of thinking outside the box for their latest downtown redevelopment project, Michael Ramsey and Robert Eyster are thinking within it.  read more >>

"Wichita celebrates library construction kickoff" 07/06/16 Wichita Eagle


Wichita took a significant step further into the Information Age on Wednesday.  read more >>

"Use Snapchat? Wichita has a geofilter for that" 07/06/16 Wichit Eagle


Over the weekend, a new “Wichita Old Town” Snapchat geofilter went live.  read more >>

"Which Garveys will own the Garvey Center now?" 07/05/16 Wichita Eagle


The Garvey Center is selling, but it’s staying within the Garvey family.  read more >>

"One block of Douglas closed Tuesday for concert, block party" 07/05/16 Wichita Eagle


Downtowners traveling on Douglas are finding the street blocked off at St. Francis today.  read more >>

"Wilson Building Maintenance pursuing downtown apartment project" 06/30/16 Wichita Business Journal


Wilson Building Maintenance Inc. is finalizing a plan to convert its Old Town headquarters into apartments.  read more >>

"Wichita’s e2e initiative announces board, opens in High Touch space" 06/29/16 Wichita Business Journal

The e2e entrepreneurial program in Wichita elected its first full board of directors Tuesday night.  read more >>

"Picture this: Shelden Architecture gets magazine pictorial" 06/29/16 Wichita Eagle


Shelden Architecture project manager Daniel Gensch was pleased to receive a May call from Interior Design magazine.  read more >>

"Billionaire Ruffin bids $20 million for Hyatt Regency" 06/24/16 Wichita Eagle

Phil Ruffin has submitted a bid to purchase the Hyatt Regency Wichita downtown and is confident he will soon own the property.  read more >>

"Brandon Steven, Dave Burk and Dave Wells to buy Eagle building" 06/21/16 Wichita Eagle

There’s not a finalized deal yet, but Old Town developer Dave Burk, car dealer and businessman Brandon Steven and Key Construction president Dave Wells have a contract to buy The Wichita Eagle building downtown at 825 E. Douglas.  read more >>

"Cox Communications commits $500,000 gift for downtown library project" 06/16/16 Wichita Business Journal


Cox Communications is earmarking a gift valued at $500,000 to help the city of Wichita fund the construction of the new downtown library.  read more >>

"Mort’s celebrates 20 years of martinis, cigars, popcorn and patio fun" 06/15/16 Wichita Eagle


Even on opening night 20 years ago, Morrie Sheets knew he was on to something with his Mort’s Martini & Cigar Bar.  read more >>

"Flats 324 expansion complete" 06/15/16 Wichita Business Journal

A $7 million project to add 72 apartment units to the Flats 324 development is now complete.  read more >>

"Lifeboat Creative plans relocation to The Lux" 06/15/16 Wichita Business Journal


Lifeboat Creative will relocate early next year to a new building under the same landlord the firm is now.  read more >>

"Wichita declares martini ‘emergency,’ party on at Mort’s bar" 06/14/16 Wichita Eagle

Pass the martinis. It’s officially an “emergency.” 

"Riverfest outdid itself" 06/14/16 Wichita Eagle


With the help of a generous in-kind contribution from Mother Nature, the 45th Wichita Riverfest outdid itself in drawing diverse musical acts and huge and happy crowds.  read more >>

"Distillery 244 Old Town, a 700-seat venue, to open in Old Town" 06/13/16 Wichita Eagle

Long before the brewery craze of today, Old Town developer Dave Burk brought River City Brewery to Old Town in the mid-1990s.  read more >>

"Peerless bar opens where Alibi Room once was" 06/10/16 Wichita Eagle


As of Thursday, another new bar is open where the Alibi Room once was at 919 E. Douglas.  read more >>

"Wichita to declare ‘emergency’ for Mort’s bar party" 06/10/16 Wichita Eagle

The city of Wichita is poised to declare a public emergency so Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar can party in the parking lot. read more >>

"Burk to buy another Old Town property" 06/10/16 Wichita Business Journal


Dave Burk is poised to add to his Wichita real estate holdings with the purchase of another Old Town building.  read more >>

"The Douglas will begin early leasing in July; first occupancy this fall" 06/09/16 Wichita Eagle


It’s a little hard to tell from the outside, but construction is progressing on the Douglas.  read more >>

"86 Cold Press juice bar to open at Renfro next month" 06/09/16 Wichita Eagle


Austin Dugan is about to be a peripatetic juice peddler no more.  read more >>

"Union Station signs final Phase I lease, moves to Phase II" 06/08/16 Wichita Eagle

The redevelopment of Union Station has reached a couple of new milestones, says developer Gary Oborny of Occidental Management.  read more >>

"Former Tanya’s Soup Kitchen spot getting a new restaurant tenant" 06/08/16 Wichita Eagle

A new restaurant is going into the downtown space where the original Tanya’s Soup Kitchen was.  read more >>

"Two Baptist churches in Wichita joining to form one congregation" 06/06/16 Wichita Eagle


The congregation at First Baptist Church isn’t huge – about 250 people – but its building at 216 E. Second St. is.  read more >>

"City offers Cargill tax abatement, parking garage financing" 06/06/16 Wichita Eagle


Myriad city and state leaders attended Cargill’s recent announcement that it will keep its Wichita operations here.  read more >>

"Top ‘civic superheroes’ from Hackathon to meet with city manager" 06/05/16 Wichita Eagle


A website that would pool community resources for veterans and their families.  read more >>

"Positive Directions seeking new space for new focus" 06/03/16 Wichita Eagle


Positive Directions is moving in a new direction, and it needs new space to go with its new focus.  read more >>

"Woolsey Cos. upgrading space at 125 N. Market" 06/01/16 Wichita Business Journal

Woolsey Cos. is upgrading its 10th-floor space at the 125 N. Market building downtown.  read more >>

"John Hiatt to perform at Orpheum" 06/01/16 Wichita Eagle

Singer-songwriter John Hiatt will be in Wichita on Sept. 25 to perform at the Orpheum Theatre.  read more >>

"Wells Fargo to celebrate opening of Union Station office" 05/31/16 Wichita Eagle

Wells Fargo will host an event Friday marking the move of its Wichita commercial banking location to Union Station.  read more >>

"Riverfest getting ready to set sail with art installation" 05/30/16 Wichita Eagle

Against a cloudy backdrop Monday in downtown Wichita, several bright flags waved in the breeze near the Hyatt Regency Wichita, creating a panorama of color.  read more >>

"Redevelopment of Exchange Place moves toward March 17 opening" 05/27/16 Wichita Business Journal


A $66 million revitalization of two prominent downtown Wichita buildings is ahead of schedule.  read more >>

"Public at the Brickyard ranked among America’s best restaurants" 05/27/16 Wichita Business Journal

One of the nation’s best restaurants is right in the heart of Wichita.  read more >>

"New security measures for Wichita’s Old Town" 05/26/16 Wichita Eagle

New security measures – ID scanning at bars and additional lighting – are coming to Old Town.  read more >>

"Wichita tech company SNT Media to add 100 jobs" 05/26/16 Wichita Eagle


A Wichita tech company plans to add 100 jobs in the next year.  read more >>

"Cargill to keep headquarters in Wichita, but new site still unknown" 05/25/16 Wichita Eagle

Following weeks of anxiety across the community, Cargill announced Tuesday that it will keep the headquarters of its meat business and its 800 employees in Wichita.  read more >>

"Cargill decision validates Wichita as the ‘Opportunity Capital of the World’" 05/24/16 Wichita Business Journal

When Cargill Inc. began to look at facility options for its Wichita operations, the company focused its strategy around growth.  read more >>

"Cargill: We're staying in Wichita" 05/24/16 Wichita Business Journal

The exodus of Wichita businesses has stopped. Cargill is staying in Wichita.  read more >>

"Wichita’s Ambassador Hotel working on basement speakeasy" 05/25/16 Wichita Eagle


The speakeasies of old were designed around two things: liquor and secrecy.  read more >>

"Wichita marketer creates Arena District name, logo" 05/20/16 Wichita Eagle

Two things immediately stood out to Bruce Rowley in 2014 when he moved his RSA Marketing to the entrance of the Commerce Street Art District at Commerce and Waterman.  read more >>

"Kissy Nails downtown ‘just had to be different’" 05/20/16 Wichita Eagle


There are a number of hair salons in downtown Wichita, but there aren’t many nail salons.  read more >>

"It’s a big food truck weekend at the Wichita WaterWalk" 05/18/16 Wichita Eagle

The big food truck weekend of May is upon us, and the fleet will be pretty much parked at the WaterWalk.  read more >>

"Garvey Center ‘deer whisperer’ saves deer from parking garage" 05/16/16 Wichita Eagle

Garvey Center manager Larry Weber was certain someone was pranking him on Saturday.  read more >>

"Wichita Community Foundation expanding Epic Center space" 05/16/16 Wichita Business Journal

Wichita Community Foundation is expanding its Epic Center presence.  read more >>

"The 10 oldest restaurants in Wichita" 05/13/16 Wichita Eagle


Back when Wichita was young, dining out was simpler. read more >>

"Panel to emerging leaders: Look for opportunities to lead" 05/13/16 Wichita Business Journal

Jeff Fluhr sees leadership as an opportunity to be an agent for change.  read more >>

"Dave Burk considers new Class A office space in downtown Wichita" 05/11/16 Wichita Eagle


Old Town developer Dave Burk is exploring building on land he owns at the northeast corner of Second and Santa Fe.  read more >>

"Indigo Lounge converts to Industry Old Town" 05/10/16 Wichita Eagle


It’s not every bar that gets a funeral before it closes, but Indigo Lounge did before it ceased doing business at the end of April.  read more >>

"Former Macy’s building in downtown Wichita draws weak response" 05/10/16 Wichita Eagle


Only one developer responded to the city of Wichita’s request to redevelop the Finney State Office Building.  read more >>

"Balancing act: How Wichita police keep Old Town safe Saturday nights" 05/07/16 Wichita Eagle

Wichita police officers Dustin Noll and Jamie Schepis pulled up carefully, a block and a half away from a suspicious house on a recent Saturday.  read more >>


"Pinnacle Lofts expected to be tenant-ready in July" 05/06/16 Wichita Eagle

Pre-leasing for the Pinnacle Lofts & Apartments downtown has started.  read more >>

"J.P. Weigand & Sons takes over leasing efforts at 125 N. Market" 05/03/16 Wichita Eagle

J.P. Weigand & Sons now serves as the leasing agent for the 125 N. Market building.  read more >>

"Garden of Eatin’ stationary restaurant opening within two weeks" 04/28/16 Wichita Eagle

Food truck Garden of Eatin’s brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Wichita is within two weeks of opening.  read more >>

"Wichita public radio station KMUW, 89.1, moves into Old Town" 04/26/16 Wichita Eagle

KMUW, 89.1, is moving into its new offices this week at 121 N. Mead.  read more >>

"Lemongrass owner to start Old Town valet service" 04/20/16 Wichita Eagle


Lemongrass isn’t the only new business Danny Nguyen is opening in Old Town.  read more >>

"Wichita hangs for-sale sign on Hyatt Regency Hotel" 04/19/16 Wichita Eagle


The Wichita City Council wants out of the hotel business.  read more >>

"Engineering firm Amec Foster Wheeler moving to Farm Credit Bank building" 04/18/16 Wichita Business Journal

The Farm Credit Bank Building in downtown Wichita will soon have a new tenant.  read more >>

"Pixius Communications acquires second company in a year" 04/14/16 Wichita Business Journal


Pixius Communications has acquired Hutchinson-based AngelComputing to further expand its presence in Reno County.  read more >>

"Report offers more safety measures for Wichita’s Old Town district" 04/14/16 Wichita Eagle


Old Town patrons could see a variety of new safety measures in place by the end of May, city officials said Thursday.  read more >>

"Former 360Ideas staffers growing start-up marketing company" 04/12/16 Wichita Business Journal

After a successful first year, Balefire Marketing + Advertising is looking to expand.  read more >>

"RSA Marketing, 360 Ideas merge" 04/11/16 Wichita Eagle

Two Wichita marketing agencies have merged to form a new firm, RSM Marketing Services.  read more >>


"Downtown Wichita gets a cleanup this weekend" 04/07/16 Wichita Business Journal

The city of Wichita is about to get a facelift.  read more >>

"Food truck season starts this weekend with rallies, many new trucks" 04/06/16 Wichita Eagle

The first Food Trucks at the Fountain rally that happened last month was just a test run.  read more >>

"Spaghetti Works building to be a 'live, play, work' concept" 04/04/16 Wichita Eagle


There are more apartments coming to downtown. 

"Landmark now marketing commercial space in Eaton Place" 04/04/16 Wichita Business Journal


Craig Simon has taken over as the new marketing agent for the commercial space in the Eaton Place.  read more >>

"High Touch Technologies buys Great Plains Communications" 04/04/16 Wichita Eagle

High Touch Technologies has purchased Great Plains Communications.  read more >>

"Kress Energy Center sells to local investors"  04/01/16 Wichita Eagle


For years, Minnesota investor Steve Cheney says he hung onto the Kress Energy Center.  read more >>

"KMUW moving to Old Town this month" 04/01/2016 Wichita Business Journal

Public radio station KMUW’s move to Old Town is finally becoming a reality.  read more >>

"Indigo Lounge to undergo major revamping and name change" 03/28/16 Wichita Eagle

For most of it’s almost 20 years in business, Indigo Lounge has been mainly a downstairs lounge.  read more >>

"REVIEW: Fall Out Boy brings rock, lasers and big crowd to Intrust arena" 03/22/16 Wichita Eagle


Intrust Bank Arena put on a rare show on Tuesday in which soda sales may have outpaced beer sales.  read more >>

"Downtown Wichita development project to be showcased in Washington, D.C." 03/22/16 Wichita Eagle


A downtown Wichita development project will be showcased as part of an international designer workshop later this year in Washington, D.C.  read more >>

"Flats 324 expansion expected to be at capacity before opening" 03/22/16 Wichita Business Journal


If initial demand is any indication, a 72-unit addition to the Flats 324 apartments won’t be difficult to fill.  read more >>

"Wichita developer pushing public-private partnership for Sedgwick County Comcare" 03/21/16 Wichita Business Journal

Wichita developer Jason Van Sickle is pushing a public-private partnership for Sedgwick County’s mental health agency, Comcare. read more >>

"Changes to enhance safety in Old Town on the fast track" 03/17/16 Wichita Eagle


More lighting and security cameras are coming to Old Town.  read more >>

"Fall Out Boy will bring its hits, sports anthems to Intrust Bank Arena" 03/17/16 Wichita Eagle


You may think you don’t know any of Fall Out Boy’s music, but that’s probably not the case.  read more >>

"Platinum Realty opens first permanent Wichita office at WaterWalk Place" 03/17/16 Wichita Eagle

There’s a new business opening at WaterWalk Place downtown near Main and Waterman, and while it’s not a coffee shop.  read more >>

"Two big buildings for sale in downtown Wichita will test appetite for redevelopment" 03/16/16 Wichita Eagle


Will two large office buildings going on the market buoy downtown Wichita’s remarkable revival.  read more >>

"WaterWalk plans to open more locations in Colorado, Texas" 03/15/16 Wichita Eagle


WaterWalk Hotel Apartments will add eight franchise locations.  read more >>

"Eagle to transfer printing Kansas City Star" 03/14/16 Wichita Eagle


The Wichita Eagle will transfer its printing and packaging operations to Kansas City, Mo., and as a result plans to sell its downtown buildings.  read more >>

"Kissy Nails to open at Zelman Lofts" 03/14/16 Wichita Eagle

Kissy Nails is opening downtown in the next month or so.   read more >>

"City issues RFQ on Finney building downtown" 03/10/16 Wichita Business Journal

The city of Wichita’s public building commission is seeking developer qualifications.  read more >>

"New tenants boost optimism at 125 N. Market" 03/07/15 Wichita Business Journal

Bryce Baker wants 125 N. Market to be at 60 percent occupancy by the end of the year.  read more >>

"WaterWalk food truck rallies return this month" 03/07/16 Wichita Eagle


Sure signs of spring. 

"Wichita Eagle staffers investigate new Scooter’s next door" 03/07/16 Wichita Eagle


The long-awaited Scooter’s Coffeehouse opened right next door.  read more >>

"Investment in downtown Wichita is impressive" 03/05/16 Wichita Eagle

It’s encouraging that investment in downtown Wichita is continuing.  read more >>

"CorTen owners, backers show off Market and Douglas project" 03/03/16 Wichita Eagle

The working space for CBD employees at the CorTen building at Market and Douglas isn’t the typical office setting.  read more >>

"Entrap Games, a room escape game, to open in Old Town" 03/03/16 Wichita Eagle

Much like when Wichita’s first trampoline park opened and a second immediately followed, there’s now a competing business for Wichita Room Escape.  read more >>

"Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers to play Orpheum" 03/02/16 Wichita Eagle

Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers will play the Orpheum on May 17.  read more >>

"Café 402 inside downtown YMCA is closed" 03/01/16 Wichita Eagle

Cafe 402 inside the downtown YMCA at 402 N. Market is closed, and directors say they’re still trying to decide whether to replace it.  read more >>

"Intrust Bank Arena records second-best year in 2015" 03/01/16 Wichita Eagle

Intrust Bank Arena recorded the second-best financial year in its six-year existence.  read more >>

"7 downtown Wichita projects in the works" 02/27/16 Wichita Eagle

Construction crews, bulldozers and cranes are going to continue to be a common sight in downtown.  read more >>

"Yahoo Travel shines spotlight on Wichita's Hotel at Old Town" 02/25/16 Wichita Business Journal

Yahoo Travel is recognizing the Hotel at Old Town in Wichita as the state’s hippest hotel.  read more >>

"Architect’s ‘hate-filled' list about Wichita gets clicks" 02/23/16 Wichita Eagle

Architect Eric Wittman decided to share a piece of his mind about the city.  read more >>

"Greater Wichita Partnership names Jamie Zellner to new communications position" 02/22/16 Wichita Business Journal

The Greater Wichita Partnership on Monday announced that it has appointed Jamie Zellner to the newly created position of vice president of strategic communications.  read more >>

"Salon Teased to move to the heart of Old Town" 02/22/16 Wichita Eagle

Five years after opening at Eaton Place at 509 E. Douglas, Leslie Way is moving her Salon Teased to the heart of Old Town at 916 E. Douglas.  read more >>

"Ten Minutes With: Diana Gordon, Orpheum Theatre" 02/19/16 Wichita Business Journal

Diana Gordon has landed what she describes as a dream job leading the Orpheum Performing Arts Centre.  read more >>

"Third Place Brewing winds through laborious licensing" 02/17/16 Wichita Eagle

Pilot Jason Algya says he read this week’s news about the future Augustino Brewing with interest.  read more >>

"Wichita's 1 Million Cups: week 2" 02/17/16 Wichita Business Journal

Two more Wichita entrepreneurs made presentations Wednesday. 

"Downtown Wichita’s sit-down Scooter’s will open in three weeks" 02/16/16 Wichita Eagle

We finally have an opening date for the Scooter’s Coffee. read more >>

"Downtown parking garage reopens" 02/12/16 Wichita Business Journal

A long-closed downtown parking garage is back in operation.  read more >>

"Chamber panel optimistic about city's future" 02/11/16 Wichita Business Journal

City and county stakeholders and business leaders aren’t taking lightly a sobering report from a Harvard-trained analyst.  read more >>

"Sen. Pat Roberts to move Wichita office to 125 N. Market building" 02/08/16 Wichita Eagle

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts will soon have a new Wichita headquarters, according to the Republican’s communications director.  read more >>

"1 Million Cups Wichita will host first entrepreneur presentation next week" 02/03/16 Wichita Eagle

Wichita will gets its first taste of the 1 Million Cups event next week, but organizers hope it leads to a flood of entrepreneurial companies in years to come.  read more >>

"Wichita City Council approves new central library" 02/02/2016 Wichita Eagle

The Wichita City Council chambers erupted in applause Tuesday.  read more >>

"Wichita Festivals reports strong 2015 numbers" 01/26/16 Wichita Eagle 

Wichita Festivals on Tuesday released figures showing growth at its two flagship events – Riverfest and Autumn & Art – in 2015.  read more >>

"Finishing School for Modern Women gets downtown home" 01/26/15 Wichita Eagle

Jill Miller is putting the finishing touches on her Finishing School for Modern Women.  read more >>

"Union Station Smoothie King opens next week " 01/19/16 Wichita Business Journal


Another piece of the Union Station development will open next week.  read more >>

"SNT brings California high tech to Wichita’s downtown" 01/18/16 Wichita Eagle


Tech seems to be bubbling up all over Wichita.  read more >>

"WDDC: $180M in Douglas development initiated in 2015" 01/14/16 Wichita Business Journal

Douglas was a focal point for downtown development in 2015.  read more >>

"Farm Bureau Financial Services is latest CorTen tenant" 01/13/16 Wichita Eagle

Farm Bureau Financial Services agent Pamela Marcenaro is the latest new tenant of the CorTen building at Douglas and Market downtown.  read more >>

"New sign atop 125 N. Market building to change look of Wichita skyline" 01/12/16 Wichita Eagle

A new 9-foot-tall New York Life sign will be installed beginning Tuesday on top of the 125 N. Market building in downtown Wichita.  read more >>

"City to install warning system for Waterman underpass near Intrust arena" 01/11/16 Wichita Eagle

The city of Wichita has ordered a warning system for the Waterman Street railroad underpass near Intrust Bank Arena.  read more >>

"Space Station to open in Old Town on Saturday" 02/07/16 Wichita Eagle

Tevin Jacques is celebrating a grand opening of his new Space Station store.  read more >>

"Developer Bryce Baker helping to cook up vibrancy downtown" 01/06/16 Wichita Eagle

Bryce Baker believes in downtown Wichita. 

"Lemongrass: A Taste of Vietnam will open in Old Town Square in April" 01/05/16 Wichita Eagle

Another Wichita restaurateur has settled on a name for his new restaurant.  read more >>

"Greyhound relocating to city’s downtown transit station" 01/02/16 Wichita Eagle

Greyhound, the country’s largest intercity bus provider, will soon move to Wichita’s downtown transit center.  read more >>

"Ambassador sets itself apart with AAA designation" 01/01/16 Wichita Business Journal

If you’re looking for a AAA Four Diamond hotel in Kansas, you’re going to have to come to Wichita.  read more >>

"Group to buy, redevelop former Spaghetti Works building downtown" 12/27/15 Wichita Eagle

After a long period of inactivity, it looks like there’s once again hope.  read more >>

"PEC finds new use for former Chilton Billiards space downtown" 12/22/15 Wichita Business Journal

Professional Engineering Consultants is creating a health and fitness center in the former Chilton Billiards.  read more >>

"Garden Grill Cafe to get new owner, move" 12/21/15 Wichita Eagle


Downtown’s Garden Grill Cafe is in transition on a couple of levels.  read more >>

"Weigand-Omega expanding downtown office" 12/21/15 Wichita Business Journal

Weigand-Omega Management Inc. is expanding its downtown Wichita headquarters.  read more >>

"Accounting firm M&L commits to city’s ‘thriving core’" 12/21/15 Wichita Eagle

M&L CPAs Chartered will remain at its downtown location.  read more >>

"Visit Wichita - Garth Brooks shows worth $6.4 million in new economic activity" 12/18/15 Wichita Eagle

The series of Garth Brooks concerts earlier this month generated $6.4 million worth of new economic activity in the area.  read more >>