Thomas and Caitlin Koch
Sente Games and Refreshments

Thomas and Caitlin Koch dreamed of turning their hobby into a business. This husband and wife duo found themselves regularly testing new and unique games as a way to spend quality time together. Their shared hobby led them to imagine what it would be like to own their own board game coffee shop. They dreamed of creating a friendly place where Wichita could relax and game on – hoping others would find board games as an opportunity to connect and experience community, just like they have.

In 2017, the duo took their hobby to the next level and opened Sente Games & Refreshments, a coffee shop featuring their collection of over 400 board games. Wall to wall shelves of unique games lines the perimeter at this local hangout. Guests are invited to grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and join a game.

“We have people in here all the time that play four or five games a day just to feel out what they like and we love that. We have people show up to give demos of games just in case anyone is interested.” – Thomas

From first dates to chess tournaments to study groups, Thomas and Caitlin welcome the entire community to experience how gaming can bring the community together. 

“We just want to be a cool community destination for people who want to get into board gaming or for people who are already into the hobby and want access to people to play with or more games to try out. We love being a place that people feel they can connect.” – Caitlin

The gaming possibilities are endless at Sente. Individuals or team can spend hours strategically plotting to defeat enemies or can play a co-op game where each player shares a common goal.

“A big win for me is that Sunday has become tabletop day (games like Dungeons and Dragons etc.) We didn’t plan that. That’s not something we put on the calendar or posted on Facebook. Communities that already play made that decision to meet up here every Sunday and play their games together. For us, it’s a big win that they’ve found their place.” – Caitlin 

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