b'MAXIMIZING POSSIBILITIESDowntown Wichita is moving in bold new directions as envisioned in Project Downtown, our communitys master plan of development for the urban core. This year marks 10-years of implementing the plan, which has resulted in over $1 billion of investment through development projects that have been completed or announced. The success of Project Downtown is due to the robust community input that took place when it was created in 2010. Another key factor is the strategic effort to leverage public sector investment in order to maximize private sector investment. In 2019, this approach resulted in $87.5 million of private investment and $7.34 million of public investment, an 11:1 dollar ratio in the Self Supported Municipal Improvement District.Investment in Downtown 4Private Investment Public Investment Arena Investment*10 Year Total $681,002,723 10 Year Total $96,005,967 10 Year Total $12,377,751*Total Arena investment since 2005= $193,514,2522010-2019 10 Year InvestmentTotal Investment: $789,386,451$96,005,967 $12,377,751 $681,002,72312% 2% 86%2019 Annual InvestmentTotal Investment: $94,836,169$7,337,850 $87,498,3198% 92%$87.5MILLION 2019 PRIVATE INVESTMENT 4Strong private sector investment continued in 2019 across multiple markets. Several key projects will be underway in both 2020 and 2021.11:1 PRIVATE TO PUBLIC INVESTMENT 4Strategic investment by the public sector catalyzed private sector investment in downtown in 2019, with an 11:1 private to public ratio.$681MILLION 10 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTMENT 4Since the adoption of Project Downtown in 2010, the private sector has invested $681 million in the urban core.'