b'The Spaghetti Works developmentUrban DesignDeveloping in an urban environment is fundamentally different from suburban development. Downtown Wichita works with developers, property owners, the design community and the public sector to ensure that critical components of urban development core practices are incorporated into projects. This strategic direction includes ensuring that development fosters walkable connections between spaces, encouraging dense, mixed-use buildings with a focus on ground-floor activation and promoting projects that seamlessly connect and interact with the streetscape. Economic ResearchSince the adoption of Project Downtown in 2010, Downtown Wichita regularly engages experts to update residential, hotel/commercial and retail studies to provide timely, accurate information. This market-based data has proven valuable for developers, property owners and investors interested in investing in Wichitas urban core. Updated studies and market information provides lenders, investors and the public sector an accurate forecast of the market potential. In addition to market-based research and specific planning initiatives, the annual State of Downtown Report presents timely U.S. Census Data alongside local market information and trends. The report is designed to be a resource for those who own, develop, market or invest in real estate. It is intended to drive collaborative conversations and assist the public and private sectors with strategic investment decisions.Phase 1 of the Fidelity Bank expansion FireWorx Co-Working space39 DOWNTOWN'