b'FIND ADVENTURE DOWNTOWNDowntown is the epicenter of activity with a new adventure around every corner. Seamlessly blending the historic, brick-lined streets of Old Town with modern, innovative architecture, the urban core provides the perfect backdrop for world-class arts and cultural experiences, nationally recognized festivals, as well as trade conventions and events. Thousands have annually flocked to the urban core to enjoy the unpredictably amazing quality of life that Wichita offers. Residents and visitors can experience these amenities while staying in the newly completed Hilton Garden Inn, which features 127 rooms, a ground floor Starbucks and commercial space. This new hotel marks the first new hospitality project in downtown since 2012.Downtown Hotel Data 10Downtown Hotels Overall Average of Wichita Area HotelsOccupancy Average Daily Rate (ADR) Revenue Per Available RoomRooms sold divided by rooms available.Room revenue divided by rooms sold. Total room revenue dividedOccupancy is always displayed as a Displayed as average rate for single room. by rooms available.percentage of rooms occupied.$115.12 $115.96 $118.02 $120.10 $124.98 $78.69 $80.25 $81.41 $83.20 $87.5368.4% 61.0% 69.2% 58.9% 69.0% 57.4% 69.3% 58.7% 70.0% 61.2% $82.95 $84.43 $84.46 $83.50 $85.61 $50.59 $49.74 $48.46 $48.95 $52.43Percent (%) Dollars ($) Dollars ($) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019Year Year Year1,359NUMBER OF HOTEL ROOMS 17From historic to boutique, downtown offers a wide portfolio of hospitality options, including the recently completed Hilton Garden Inn.$1.1BILLION TOURISM ECONOMIC IMPACT 8Visitors to the Greater Wichita region contributed over $1 billion to our local economy.741,500+17CONVENTION/EVENT ATTENDEESFamily friendly attractions, historic landmarks and tradeshows, and events attract visitors to downtown.'