b'POSITION FOR SUCCESSFrom eclectic co-working spaces in a former firehouse to upscale office towers, Downtown Wichita is where nationally recognized companies and local startups are choosing to make their mark on the world. Companies and developers are strategically designing and building new spaces in the urban core with talent attraction in mind. The mixed-use Spaghetti Works project added 47,000 square feet of new Class A multi-tenant office space. Fidelity Bank announced last year a visionary $51 million expansion of their headquarters, which includes the construction of a ten-story office tower as well as a four-story car park with commercial space on the ground floor. Central Business District Office Space 7%Total Square Feet (SF) Average Price Per SF Average Occupancy Rate4,824,113 SF $12.87 per SF 81% OccupiedOccupancy Rates 7Class A Class B Class C 88% Occupancy Rate 84% Occupancy Rate 59% Occupancy Rate12% Vacancy Rate 16% Vacancy Rate 41% Vacancy Rate7%INCREASE IN CLASS A SPACE 7Downtown is the location of choice for dynamic companies positioning themselves to thrive. In 2019, Class A space increased 7% in the core.12%INCREASE IN THE AVERAGE PRICE PER SF 7Demand for urban office space is delivering commercial returns. In 2019, the average price per SF increased from $11.80 to $ TOTAL OFFICE SPACE 7Downtown maintains the highest concentration of leasable office space in the city with an average occupancy rate of 81%.'