b'EXPLORE THE COREDowntown is a hub of entrepreneurial ideas, businesses and one-of-a-kind unique experiences for both locals and visitors. With over 100 shops and restaurants, the urban core is a center of authenticity and activity for the Greater Wichita region. Retailers, restaurants and nightlife located in the core have a vast customer pool with over 450,000 residents within a 20-minute drive and over 145,000 within a 10-minute drive. The district accounted for over $168 million in retail sales in 2019, serving as a destination for dining, entertainment and shopping.Retail DataRetail 15 Inventory 7 Occupancy 7Types42% Food and Drink 24%Class A (175,454 SF) 87%Occupancy Rate23% Miscellaneous Store Retail 71% Class B (521,844 SF) 13% Vacancy Rate10% Motor Vehicle/Parts Dealers 5% Class C (38,363 SF)6% Building/Garden Equipment4% Health/Personal Care15% Others (combined total)Top Retail Trade Sales by Industry 15 31% 15% 8% 7% 6% 6% 19%Miscellaneous Retailers Motor Vehicle/ Building/Garden Health Decor Electronics OtherParts Dealers Equipment$168MILLION 2019 RETAIL SALES 15Over 100 locally owned shops and restaurants contributed to a total of $168 million in retail sales in 2019.735,701SF OF TOTAL RETAIL SPACE 7Wichita looks to downtown for one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and nightlife. Demand for unique retail spaces continues to increase.87% OCCUPANCY RATE 7Occupancy rates remained strong in 2019 in alignment with a growing downtown population and increased interest in one-of-a-kind products.'