b'DEMAND FOR URBAN LIVINGThe heart of our city offers a unique sense of community and connectivity, key factors in attracting and retaining talent. In the past decade, Project Downtown has driven the development of 1,228 units in 21 properties and has increased the population to an estimated 2,778 residents. The mixed-use Spaghetti Works project was completed in 2019, featuring 41 units overlooking the newly redesigned Naftzger Park. Just west of the Arkansas River, 204 new units are currently under construction at the 225 Sycamore project. Both of these projects are on catalyst sites identified in Project Downtown that will inspire continued investment and further solidify demand for urban living.Cost of Living Index 6Metropolitan Statistical AreaOklahoma City, OK Wichita, KS Kansas City, MO-KS National Average Salt Lake City, UT Denver, CO85.7 90.8 95.5 100.0 103.3 110.885.7 93.8 95.1 96.9 108.7Tulsa, OK Louisville, KY Raleigh, NC Charleston, SC Tacoma, WAHousing Data 1Gender Marital StatusMale 69% Single 87%Female 31% Married 13%2,778ESTIMATED POPULATION 17Downtown is home to 2,778 residents in over 30 unique properties throughout the district.1,228 UNITS COMPLETED SINCE 2010 17Downtown offers a diverse range of residential options for all lifestyles, with many properties operating at a high level of absorption. 204 UNITS UNDER CONSTRUCTION 17New projects including 225 Sycamore in the historic Delano District are enhancing the diverse inventory of residential options in the urban core.'