b"Over the past ten years our urban center has undergone a major transformation driven by Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita. The plan was developed in 2009, at the end of the Great Recessiona time when our community was willing to be aspirational and set sights on the future. Ive been working for New York Life in the heart of our downtown for over twenty years and have enjoyed a front row seat to the incredible growth and changes that have taken place as a result of that strategic vision.And that community aspirationit has paid off. Since the adoption of the plan in 2010, it has served as a blueprint for development and has resulted in over $1 billion of investment in the urban core. We have completed 87 development projects and nearly doubled the number of residential units and retail square footage. There is also an increase in demand for office space as companies look to grow their business in the center of commerce and culture. A few years ago, my team and I were inspired by the resurgence of downtown as the employment epicenter and added the New York Life sign to the top of our office building at 125 N. Market. When I see that sign, I am reminded that the transformation of our downtown is takingJoseph Tigert, Chairplace not because of one persons story or impact, but because ofDowntown Wichitathe collective and collaborative efforts from innovators and makers throughout our citys history.It is exciting to see other companies making their mark on the Wichita skyline as you'll read about in this report. Companies are choosing downtown for their headquarters and expansions in both new and renovated buildings. Even as we experience the difficulties of a new reality in 2020, we must keep an aspirational mindset just as we did in 2010. We must face challenges together and continue to position our community and region for future growth. Our experience with Project Downtown shows that planning with future generations in mind is worth the reward. Lets think bigger, bolder and brighter for the next ten years and beyond. Sincerely,Joseph Tigert, ChairDowntown WichitaINTRO 2"