b'PROJECTSIN PLANNINGRiverfront Village$127 millionDevelopers plan to transform the west bank of the Arkansas River into a 7-acre development including residential, office and commercial spaces. Located adjacent to the new Riverfront Stadium, home to the Wichita Wind Surge Triple-A baseball team, this development is positioned to become a gathering place for the community that will draw visitors from across the region.Douglas Avenue Streetscape Douglas & Emporia Building Renovations$1.3 million N/APhase 1 improvements (completed in 2016) along DouglasVantage Point Properties plans to renovate the building at Avenue included curb extensions and streetscape amenities.the southwest corner of Douglas and Emporia. Developers Phase 2 includes plans for additional streetscape amenities,plan to retain the propertys historic characteristics and potential reconfiguration of the travel lanes and potentialtransform the building into ground-floor retail and office on-street bike lanes. space on the upper floors. 31 BUILD'