b'Riverfront Legacy Master Plan renderingRiverfront Legacy Master PlanThe Arkansas River is a unique amenity and attraction for the Greater Wichita region. Project Downtown recognizes the riverfront as a catalytic area that will further the transformation of our downtown into a vibrant urban center. In response to recommendations from the Project Wichita regional visioning process and the Century II Citizens Advisory Committee, Downtown Wichita and multiple private sector organizations partnered with the public sector to form the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan Coalition to create a comprehensive, community vision and master plan for the east bank of the Arkansas River.After six months of community engagement, numerous public meetings and gathering input online, the Design Team, comprised of Populous, RCLCO and Olin Studio, presented their final recommendations for the site at a public open house in January 2020. The recommendations included renderings and designs, a cost breakdown of the plan and funding and implementation strategies. The plan incorporates 17 major capital projects, including a new performing arts center, a new convention center, 10 acres of green space, funding for programming and maintenance of parks, new mixed-use development to drive economic growth and more.These collective projects provide a catalytic vision for the riverfront that will generate revenue and serve as a talent recruitment tool for our community. Once complete, the projected 10-year economic impact for the site is estimated $915-$970 million. The planning process was put on hold earlier this year, but the Coalition will continue working with the public sector and community stakeholders to advance the master plan with appropriate timing given COVID-19.Riverfront Legacy Master Plan rendering Riverfront Legacy Master Plan DIY Urban ExplorationsDOWNTOWN 40'