b'Gallery Alley during a collaboration with "Best Fringe Forever" Gallery AlleyIn 2017, Downtown Wichita received a grant from the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation to transform the underutilized and unsafe alley at 616 E. Douglas Avenue into Gallery Alley, a bright and colorful public space.In 2018, the City of Wichita gathered stakeholder feedback and elected to permanently restrict the alley to pedestrian-only access, with the ongoing goal of promoting an urban, walkable, people-oriented district.Starting in 2019, Downtown Wichita partnered with Envision and"Take what you need" pop-up eventreceived an additional grant from the Knight Foundation Fundat the Wichita Community Foundation to enhance Gallery Alley in order to create a permanent destination for inter-sensory art experiences. The next phase of the alley will expand on the artwork included in the space with a conscious effort to serve all visitors with specific consideration for individuals of all ages who are blind, visually impaired and for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Five local artists\' proposals were selected to create work that is currently underway with plans to install in 2020. The reopening of Gallery Alley is to be determined per COVID-19 guidelines.Gallery Alley artist Armando Gallery Alley artist TomiyoDOWNTOWN 48'