Downtowns provide the distinctive fabric of a community and the sense of place needed to retain talent and promote civic engagement. In addition to leading placemaking events to activate the urban core, the Downtown Wichita team supported programming efforts of public and private sector partners to further engage the community. In 2017, the Downtown Wichita team provided marketing and communications support for Open Streets ICT, which was led by the City of Wichita Parks & Recreation division by designing a logo for the event. The Old Town district in Downtown, named an “Amazing Place” by the American Planning Association ten years ago, celebrated the decade anniversary of this award in 2017. The Downtown Wichita team promoted this milestone by partnering with the Old Town Association and City of Wichita to design and produce banners and generate awareness on social media. In addition, an event which came out of the Wichita Community Foundation’s “Up the Ambition” program – titled “Light Up Reflection Square Park” – was supported by the Downtown team with marketing material production and digital event promotion. Programming Support D O W N T O W N 5 0