Since 2011, Westar Energy has sponsored a summer design internship position at Downtown Wichita for a post-secondary student in the fields of design and urban planning. The 2017 design intern was Ms. Yingyi Zhong, a candidate for a Master of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University. Yingyi’s talent was a great addition to the team. Her impressive rendering skills were utilized to develop design concepts for various Downtown projects and public spaces. Her work encompassed alternative design concepts for Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park; another looked at possible concepts for a downtown dog park. Urban Design Internship Economic Research Since the adoption of Project Downtown in 2010, market-based information for developers, property owners and investors has driven investment and development in Wichita’s urban core. Three distinct markets (residential, hotel/commercial and retail) are regularly updated to provide timely, accurate benchmarks since the inception of the plan. In addition to market based research and specific planning initiatives, the annual State of Downtown Report presents timely U.S. Census Data and local market information and trends. Working in partnership with Wichita State University’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR), the City of Wichita, Visit Wichita, Sedgwick County, and other partners we are able to provide this data to drive collaborative conversations and assist the public and private sectors with strategic investment decisions. The report is designed to be a resource for those who own, develop, market, or invest in real estate. 3 7 D O W N T O W N