Final Friday Art Crawl 2nd Saturday Local Shopping Downtown’s diverse scene has something for everyone. Beyond general event promotion and assistance, the Downtown Wichita team plays a key role in facilitating two events that convene the artistic and retail community to work together to build awareness of local talent and products. The Final Friday gallery crawl is a unique opportunity for thousands of students, families and art lovers to engage with local art each month at unique locations in Downtown and throughout the city. Downtown Wichita staff members coordinate directly with local artists and galleries to gather information from galleries that will participate in the art crawl. This information is updated and managed on the Downtown Wichita website as a monthly gallery listing for the public. Staff also manages promotion of the list through the Final Friday Facebook page. In 2017, over 300 Final Friday shows were promoted. This grassroots event continues to thrive because of the collective vision and collaboration of galleries and artists. The 2nd Saturday shopping event promotes shopping local by providing discounts to the public who purchase a re-usable 2nd Saturday shopping bag or keycard for $5. This effort is a partnership between the Downtown Wichita district, the Douglas Design District, and the Delano neighborhood. Participating retailers work together to provide discounts as a means to building awareness of the local shopping options in the core of Wichita. D O W N T O W N 4 4