W O R K 16 Wichita, Kansas Center City U.S.A. for business Prime Global Location Located in the heart of the I-35 corridor and at the confluence of major railroad systems, the greater Wichita region is perfectly positioned to grow global ideas and business, while a new $200 million national airport makes air travel easy and convenient. #1 Skilled Workforce in the U.S.A. Ranked as the most manufacturing specialized region in the U.S., the Air Capital of the World provides direct access to the most-trained and most-advanced workers in the world with a pure, raw talent for building complex objects. Wichita is also ranked as the #3 engineering capital in the nation 22 (only behind Silicon Valley, CA and Houston, TX). Low Cost of Living, High Quality of Life With a short commute time that saves almost one day every year, Wichita provides the opportunity to experience more. Purchasing a single family home in Wichita is 39% below national median price and with a cost of living below the national average, 17 you can have a larger house – for the same cost – as in other cities. Thriving and Emerging Industries Driven by a strong workforce and business-friendly environment, the greater Wichita region is home to economic connections and global assets which create a diverse, competitive portfolio of industries. Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Materials Aerospace Agriculture Data Services and IT Healthcare Oil and Gas Transportation and Logistics Unpredictably Amazing Discover Instagram-worthy sunsets, an urban center under transformation and nationally known local artist and culinary experts – just to name a few of Wichita's best kept secrets. Enjoy urban amenities and small town charm with short commute times and a low cost of living. 33 museums 28 art galleries 22 attractions 17 festivals 8 shopping districts 8,000+ hotel rooms 1,000+ restaurants