D O W N T O W N 4 6 Downtown has become a revitalized destination for locals and visitors alike and getting around is easier than ever. The Downtown Wichita communications staff works to promote parking and transportation options by utilizing the "Get Around" section available at www.downtownwichita.org. This section of the website includes information about Wichita Transit and Bike Share ICT, a bicycle rental service. The website also features a mobile-friendly interactive map that displays event parking, the free Q-LINE Trolley route, restaurants, shops and more, all of which is updated on a regular basis. In addition to promoting wayfinding online, new transit shelters were installed along Douglas Avenue in 2015 equipped with large interior and exterior displays. The interior displays provide information about the bus system and the free Q-LINE Trolley shuttle service. The exterior displays are used to promote downtown's offerings to drivers and pedestrians passing through Wichita’s urban center. The displays are updated on a quarterly basis to showcase events, festivals, transportation, local dining, shopping options and more. Transit/Wayfinding Marketing