D O W N T O W N 4 0 From cultural vitality to diverse lifestyles, the urban fabric of downtown is woven with unique stories of collaborators, innovators, makers, investors and more. Downtown Wichita shares the stories of these individuals to promote all that is possible in our district through the Possibility People campaign. Since the campaign began in 2017, eleven total stories have been created, six of which were released in the last year. Their stories are promoted through videos and blogs on social media and at downtownwichita.org. Possibility People Campaign DOWNTOWN Brianna and her team at ABLS Salon have been transforming hair and hearts since 2011. Her team invites their clients to discover their beauty – inside and out. Husband and wife coffee fanatics turned their vintage Airstream into one of the coolest coffee shops in the city…until they opened Espresso To Go Go disco. Adam has been growing the local music scene for years. Now he’s diving deep into a new adventure - creating a new live music venue called Wave. Angie, Brenda and Claudia collaborate with their clients at e2e in the heart of downtown to drive engagement in the local Latino community. She set out to find adventure and discovered a home. Elizabeth is a driving force behind community efforts giving a voice to local artists. Founder Austin Dugan is more than a dreamer – he’s a doer. His business, 86 Cold Press, has grown from a mobile bike to two storefronts in three years.