An important role for the Downtown Wichita organization is to regularly advocate on behalf of the district and its stakeholders. Working collaboratively with community partners, Downtown Wichita has an active role in shaping policy at the local, state and national levels to positively impact the momentum underway in Wichita’s urban core. The organization works with public partners on projects within the district, providing market data or testimony of how a project meets the objectives set forth in the Project Downtown plan. In addition, the organization promotes and educates on the importance of State and Federal Historic Tax Credit Programs in downtown’s revitalization. These programs are critical tools in preserving our historic architecture and many adaptive reuse projects would not be financially viable without them. The conversion of the historic Knightley Parking Garage into the Broadway Autopark Apartments (pictured above) is an example. Constructed in 1949, local group Bokeh Development renovated the structure into 44 residential units in 2017, preserving the historical integrity of the building and creating a unique living environment. Staff also worked with local developers and city officials to draft policy surrounding the Common Consumption Area laws, which permit alcoholic beverages to be consumed in a “common area” that can be shared by multiple retail sales establishments. Several entertainment areas, particularly in downtown, will benefit from the creation of these common consumption areas, allowing patrons the flexibility to drink responsibly within a defined geographic area. Advocacy The Broadway Autopark Apartments Collaborating with stakeholders and Zimmerman/Volk Associates Pictured right: Jason Gregory, Executive Vice President of Downtown Wichita at the Q-LINE Trolley expansion announcement