Commerce and Culture at the Core Downtown Wichita is a private 501c(3) non-profit that amplifies the energy, capital and growth of downtown by empowering residents, visitors, and businesses to explore the possibilities of our city’s core. Founded in 2002 as the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC), our mission is to cultivate opportunities that revitalize and enhance Wichita’s urban core. We collaborate with stakeholders to stimulate investment and interest in downtown. By connecting resources from the private sector and local government, we steward initiatives that allow commerce and culture to thrive. DEVELOPING DOWNTOWN MARKETING DOWNTOWN ENHANCING VIBRANCY Key areas of focus include: Downtown Wichita Staff Jeff Fluhr President Jaimie Garnett Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications Jason Gregory Executive Vice President Sheryl Weller Chief Financial Officer Andy Kim Director of Multimedia Megan Hartzell Director of Communications Emily Brookover Director of Community Development Nancy Moore Executive Assistant