b'Jennifer, Jenny Dawn Cellars owner Local Business PromotionLocal shops and restaurants are what make downtown a unique district. Recognizing the COVID-19 pandemic put a strain on these businesses, Downtown Wichita increased the ongoing promotion of local businesses and launched a new campaign titled "Share Local Love." The campaign launched in December 2020 and continued into 2021. Over the holiday season, the campaign featured a series of seven social media videos highlighting local business owners.The videos provided a personal, vulnerable perspective that reminded our community how important it is to support local. Featured business owners shared ways they were keeping the community safe, their holiday specials and the services they provide (online ordering, pick-up and delivery services, etc.) Each individual video reached over 10,000 people and received over 3,000 clicks. In addition to social media, the videos were also available on the webpage www.downtownwichita.org/holidays, which featured a list of "10 ways to share the local love." In 2021, the Downtown Wichita team shifted the campaign to include general social media posts for every local shop and restaurant in the urban core. The promotions were posted on Downtown Wichita\'s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and were paid advertisements designed to increase awareness for local businesses as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.Warren and Ann, Espresso To Go Go Timirie, Doo-Dah Diner Chris, River City Brewing Company24'