b'Grand opening of the park in 2015Reimagining the Pop-Up ParkIn 2015, the Pop-Up Park at 121 E. Douglas Avenue was built to challenge the way our community thinks about public space. Working together, multiple community partners developed it as a temporary gathering space using various non-permanent and flexible materials, fixtures and vibrant art. Immediately upon opening, the community embraced the park and it became a destination to grab a bite to eat outside, gather with friends and co-workers and attend outdoor community events throughout the year, providing a sense of place.After five years, the partners who built the park (Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, Bokeh Development, Downtown Wichita) announced that the park would close in September 2020 for the park to be reimagined. The Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation and Bokeh Development are currently conducting the reimagining process. Naftzger Park is now meeting the needs of the community that the park was temporarily designed to fulfill. The involvement and investment from the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation provided Downtown Wichita and partners the ability to experiment with the space. The team had the opportunity to learn about accessibility during busy and non-busy hours, different materials and how those materials adapt to the environment and much more. Bokeh Development was critical in providing inspiration and partnership in experimentation on behalf of the community.The park had a positive impact on the community in multiple ways. At the time of completion, the space was the only dedicated place for food trucks to serve in the city. By providing a dedicated location, and the aligned formation of the Wichita Food Truck Coalition, new policy was created at the City - which allowed the mobile food truck industry to flourish in our community. A number of food trucks have launched in Wichita and some have opened brick and mortar locations, creating jobs in the community.Over 50 events of all sizes were held in the park. Many of these events were programming and placemaking experiments that created new memories for many residents in the community. The park\'s Facebook page gained over 12,000 "likes" and initiated community conversations about placemaking and increased awareness of the food truck scene in Wichita.Downtown wichita appreciates the partnership with Bokeh Development and the Wichita Community Foundation. The knowledge gained is shaping new parks, such as the Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park.19'