b'1Stay informed with real-time data$113M 1 $3M 1 $747M$92M1 12020 PRIVATE 2020 PUBLIC 10 YEAR TOTAL 10 YEAR TOTAL INVESTMENTINVESTMENT PRIVATE INVESTMENT PUBLIC INVESTMENTIf you are reading this report, you are invested in downtown Wichita. Previously, the Downtown Wichita organization produced an annual printed State of Downtown Report containing market and economic dataincluding investment data (as noted above) and more. We know your decisions require real-time data. Thats why weve created a new digital Development Toolkit where accurate, up-to-date information and resources (previously found in the printed report) are now published and regularly updated. The toolkit documents the exciting transformation occurring in Wichitas urban center.Reports Available:Investment Residential Commercial Hospitality RetailThis information can be used as a resource for those who own, develop, market, or invest in real estate and as a reference tool for preliminary project due diligence and research.View and download the reports by scanning the code or visitwww.downtownwichita.org/toolkitScan on your mobile device1'