b'PROJECTS UNDER CONSTRUCTIONModig Machine Tool HeadquartersN/AThe historic warehouse at 208 S. Commerce Street is being renovated into the North American headquarters for Modig Machine Tool. The property will showcase the newest tooling machines in Modigs portfolio and is designed to host training events, machine demonstrations and run time validation testing for customers.Broadway Plaza AC Marriott Hotel Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square ParkN/AImprovements will honor the legacy of the namesake of the The historic Broadway Plaza will become an AC Marriottpark, Chester I. Lewis, who was the president of the Wichita Hotel featuring 118 rooms. The 11-story building will include achapter of the NAACP and was a leader of the modern civil ground-floor bar and a covered entryway for valet parking.rights movement at the local, state and national levels.12'