b'Artist: Dustin ParkerWichita Love NotesIn an effort to spread messages of hope and positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Downtown Wichita commissioned local artists to create posters that were hung throughout the district. After the initial installation, the project was so well received that Downtown Wichita commissioned a second round of designs that were funded by the COVID-19 Connection Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation. During the second phase of the project, the transit shelters along Douglas Avenue were also utilized to display the designs.Nine total artists created 31 unique designs. Over 70 posters were printed and displayed throughout the district. Participating artists included Curt Clonts, Dustin Parker, Ernest Vincent Wood III, Hallie Linnebur, John Pirtle, Jordan Kirtley, Marc Bosworth, Rebecca Hoyer and Richard Crowson.Artist: John Pirtle Artist: Rebecca Hoyer17'