b'Display of development progress at the Downtown Wichita officePromoting DevelopmentDowntown Wichita is passionate about attracting and sustaining dynamic commercial interests that will further accelerate development. To further this mission, the downtown team consistently communicates development news and updates digital platforms including social media and www.downtownwichita.org. This includes, but is not limited to:Tracking ongoing development progress through printable and interactive mapsMaintaining downtown real estate offerings for sale or lease on the downtown websiteSharing content about development projects and progress regularly through emails and social mediaDevelopment ToolkitA core function of the Downtown Wichita organization is to provide the public and private sectors with market-based data that allows the community to make strategic investment decisions based on research. Previously, the organization produced an annual, printed State of Downtown Report containing market, economic and investment data. Last year, we created and launched a new digital Development Toolkit where the data (previously found in the printed report) is now published and regularly updated. Moving this information to a digital platform makes the data more accessible, easier Scan on your mobile deviceto share and allows our team to make regular updates ensuring the most accurateto view Development Toolkitinformation is available.Reports on residential, office, hospitality and retail market sectors as well as investment data is available online both digitally and as a printable PDF download. The most recent market forecasts for downtown are also available in the toolkit. The information can be used as a resource for those who own, develop, market or invest in real estate and as a reference tool for preliminary project due diligence and research. View and download the reports by scanning the code above or visit www.downtownwichita.org/toolkit.30'