b"Rendering of the EPC Ballpark mixed-use projectAdvocacyAn important role for the organization is to regularly advocate on behalf of the district and its stakeholders. The team shares input on development projects, offers market data and letters of support for projects that meet the objectives of Project Downtown. Staff promotes and educates on the important role that economic development programs have in the revitalization of urban centers. There are local, state and federal programs that can preserve or enhance historic architecture. These programs are critical tools that provide public benefits through improved infrastructure, streetscapes, parking assets and other development/open space amenities. Many adaptive reuse projects would not be financially viable without these important programs.The Kansas Health Science CenterKansas College of Osteopathic Medicine is an example of a project that would not be possible without these tools. The project is a catalyst for the restoration of five historic buildings including the former Macy's and Innes department store buildings into the campus, Broadway Plaza into an AC Marriott Hotel, Sutton Place into student housing and the redesign of Chester I. Lewis Park. Adjacent to the campus, the former Henry's building is being renovated into the WSU Tech National Institute for Culinary and Hospitality Education, which will include a food hall and rooftop event center in addition to the institute. Another example is the new mixed-use development currently planned by Wichita Wind Surge baseball team ownership and EPC Development. The property will be located adjacent to Riverfront Stadium along the west bank of the Arkansas River and will increase the density and mix of uses surrounding the stadium. Find project descriptions on pages 13-18.Rendering of renovated Broadway Plaza Rendering of renovated Henry's building 12"