I N T R O 4 Cindy Claycomb, Chair Downtown Wichita Developing a vibrant urban environment is at the heart of our mission at Downtown Wichita. As the Chair of the organization’s Board of Directors this year, and having lived in the district for over 12 years, I have seen firsthand how our community has worked collaboratively to advance this mission to revive and enhance our center city. A key driver for the progress is Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita, which continues to provide the blueprint for private investment and development, as well as the framework for the public sector to make strategic investments. The team at Downtown Wichita works diligently to provide the leadership and staff resources necessary to coordinate these initiatives. Our collective and aligned efforts are bringing Project Downtown to life in 2017 and beyond. Last year, private and public sector investment in the core continued at a significant pace, led by the opening of many multi-use projects. Cargill Meat Solution’s Protein Division, Downtown’s largest private sector employer, announced plans to build a new 200,000 square foot headquarters, positioning the company for future growth. This newly constructed campus will be a catalyst for future development in the Old Town neighborhood, directly south of Douglas Avenue. The west bank of the Arkansas River is under transformation — the new Advanced Learning Library is nearing completion, and River Vista and connecting riverfront improvements are under construction. Additionally, Downtown Wichita is launching a series of new pilot projects that will add vibrancy, promote walkability, and add to the aesthetics of the district’s public spaces. To assist with further development and drive strategic collaboration, Downtown Wichita is pleased to provide this annual report on the state of our Downtown. In this report, you will find demographic and economic data that documents the progress underway in the Downtown district. This report is designed to be a resource for those who own, develop, market, or invest in real estate. It is intended to be a reference tool for research or project due diligence for those developing Wichita’s urban core. We thank our many partners who assist us with the collection of this information and contributing to the development of our city and region. I invite you to discover all of the inspiring enhancements occurring in our Downtown. I also encourage you to be part of the transformation — help us share the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind opportunities that Downtown Wichita has to offer our region and the world. Sincerely, Dr. Cindy Claycomb Chair Downtown Wichita