Directly adjacent to the Pop-Up Park, two large, brightly colored murals were painted and life-size chalkboards were installed in the former storefront of the Caldwell-Murdock building. Each month, a new question is posed to the community and passersby can respond to questions and provide creative expressions on the boards. The questions and responses are transposed via social media where the community can continue to contribute to the conversation. Each Final Friday, a local artist provides a unique chalk art exhibit. Downtown Wichita was the fiduciary agent for the ICT Chalk Talks project, which was led by Bokeh Development. Flowers on Douglas The Flowers on Douglas initiative was a public/private partnership between Downtown Wichita, the City of Wichita and additional private sector donors. As part of the Douglas Avenue streetscape improvement project, the City invested in more than 100 landscape pots and infrastructure for watering that would be accessible for the long- term maintenance of the pots. Downtown Wichita, through a third-party landscape contractor, oversees the ongoing planting and maintenance of the pots. The initial planting was completed by a volunteer group of master gardeners led by Cindy Carnahan. The first planting in May 2017 was transformative for the Douglas Avenue corridor from Main to Washington Streets. The vibrant flowers and plants have evoked a sense of pride and beauty in our urban core, while enhancing the walkability of the district’s main thoroughfare, Douglas Avenue. Douglas Avenue Transit Shelters - Marketing Campaign In 2015, eight new transit shelters were installed along Douglas Avenue with highly-visible backlit window displays. Since their installation, Downtown Wichita has worked in collaboration with Wichita Transit to conceptualize, design, and implement a rotating creative marketing campaign. The exterior advertisements showcase the dynamic amenities of the urban district including restaurants, entertainment, and museums. Additionally, other shelter designs help promote ridership of public transportation options within the district, including the free Q-Line trolley service and the City-wide bus service. To keep the content current, the exterior designs are rotated out on a regular basis. The interior of each shelter displays route maps and transit information for riders to easily navigate their way around Downtown and across the City. D O W N T O W N 3 6 ICT Chalk Talks