Old Town is New Again

More than 100 restaurants, shops, clubs, theaters, galleries, museums, hotels and businesses have found their niche in Old Town.

 Oldtown is nestled among a collection of converted brick warehouses, circa 1870-1930, with native limestone accents and distinctive architectural features.  The red-brick district undergoes a daily metamorphosis. The area full of day jobs and retail shops transforms into the centerpiece of our city's nightlife. The nightclubs offer a variety of music to please all souls - rock, jazz, country, blues and reggae - within easy walking distances. And it's an area where people want to live in loft apartments and condominiums. The American Planning Association calls Old Town one of the "Top 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2008."

The Old Town Association is actively involved in representing the economic, political, and promotional concerns of the businesses in Old Town.

Membership is open to all business owners or their representative, property owners or their designated representative, and residents that call Old Town home.

For additional information, please contact Old Town Information at 316.262.3555.


 Stately buildings and established neighborhoods beckon you

The Douglas Design District is a complete, wonderfully diverse community of business, retail and residential neighborhoods including the popular and historic College Hill, the Hillcrest (the first high rise residential building in Wichita), and the new Parkstone at College Hill brownstones and future high rise condominiums at Douglas and Rutan.

The District has over 300 locally owned businesses, including over 40 home design businesses featuring antiques, furniture, home accessories, paint, flooring, kitchen design, granite, and more. Over a dozen great places to eat, drink and be merry. You can satisfy your need for sweets at our bakeries, donut shop, and candy stores. Shop international spices, coffees and teas. Get pampered at a variety of hair and beauty salons. Fine jewelry, clothing stores and more await to help you find the perfect gift for someone special in your life or maybe something special just for YOU!

In early January of 2007 the Douglas Design District was just an idea. Today it's a fast growing association of over fifty caring businesses between Washington and Glendale. For more information, visit them online.


 From trendy shops to noteworthy restaurants to neighbor bars - Delano has it all.

Delano sprang up as a cowtown at the end of the Chisholm Trail and quickly gained a reputation as a place where trail-weary cowboys could take their rest and recreation in the many saloons and brothels.

Today Delano is home to dozens of unique shops, art galleries and restaurants. Nightlife includes events like the Thursday Night Pub Pedal, the First Friday Music Crawl and the Final Friday Art Crawl.

Spend some time and discover Delano.


 Offering historical landmarks and cultural diversity

Just to the north of Downtown is the historic Midtown neighborhood. Midtown is the oldest neighborhood in Wichita and encompasses one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods, which includes a wide range of ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Its boundaries are 21st Street on the north, the BNSF railroad tracks on the east, Central Street on the south, and the Little Arkansas River on the west. The area includes three state and nationally designated historic districts.

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