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Looking to expand your office or move to a more centralized location?  Downtown Wichita is full of opportunities for your business to grow.  Here, you'll find a listing of available office space to make it easy for your business to find it's home in downtown Wichita.  Now is the perfect time to work downtown!

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There is a variety of available office space.  Please choose between:
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The WDDC is providing this property data as a free public service. While we obtained the information from sources believed reliable, the organization and its employees are not real estate brokers and make no guarantee, warranty or representation on the properties listed herein. It is your responsibility to independently confirm the accuracy and completeness of all real estate data on this web site. Potential buyers or lessees are responsible for conducting a careful, independent investigation of the property to determine to their satisfaction on the suitability of the property for their needs and should contact the broker or owner for more information.

If you are a broker or owner and would like to make sure we have the most updated information, please contact us.

For Sale

Property for Sale
AddressSq FtContactPhone
911 E. CentralZachary Zerbe(316) 841-4964
622 E. 3rd St. N.Bradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
GLMV Architecture BuildingTom Johnson(316) 262-0000
Orpheum Office Building, 2nd FloorRyan Hubbard(316) 613-2448
434 N. MainSteven Martens(316) 262-0000
Kellogg & MainVanessa Johnson(316) 219-6060
Greyhound BuildingScott Salome(316) 262-0000
353-357 N. Santa FeBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Sutton PlaceCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
Topeka & LewisVanessa Johnson(316) 219-6060
Occidental Plaza Building - 300 N. MainGary Oborny(316) 262-3331
St. Francis & 3rd Street, NW CornerBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
2-Story QuadplexBraden McCurdy(316) 683-8822
330-334-344-356 N. St. Francis St.Bradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Broadway and LewisBrad Saville(316) 262-2442
333 E. English27,961Dennis Schmidt(316) 263-5555
150 N. Main156,000Patrick Ahern(316) 847-4914

For Lease

Property for Lease
AddressSq FtContactPhone
The Douglas Towers 2 & 3Craig Simon(316) 204-0150
Orpheum Theatre Ground Floor OfficeCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
407 N WacoPeggy Griffith(316) 990-2075
504 S. CommerceBree Maybee(316) 516-7417
505 S. BroadwayPatrick Ahern(316) 847-4914
Garvey Center Page Court Building Suite 350Larry Weber(316) 261-5325
Former GLMV Architecture BuildingTom Johnson(316) 262-0000
100 S. MarketKristin Stang(316) 518-9399
535 S. EmporiaDennis Schmidt(316) 263-5555
Sutton PlaceJeremiah Connelly(316) 613-6000
125 N. MarketKristin Stang(316) 518-9399
417 E. EnglishCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
Historic Occidental PlazaGary Oborny(316) 262-3331
520 S CommerceBree Maybee(316) 516-7417
The Douglas TowerCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
Century Plaza BuildingDennis Schmidt(316) 263-5555
Sedgwick County Law CenterMarty Gilchrist(316) 262-6400
Petroleum BuildingCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
315 N. WashingtonBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Garvey Center Page Court Building Suite 110Larry Weber(316) 261-5325
360 E. William St.Craig Simon(316) 204-0150
Market Plaza 516-532 S. MarketTroy Farha(316) 262-0000
The LUXLeisa Lowry(316) 292-3945
Garvey Center OW Garvey Building Suite 820Larry Weber(316) 261-5325
The Finn Lofts Commercial SpaceNathan Farha(316) 262-0000
Mosley Redevelopment PropertiesKris Wessel(316) 263-6997
923 E. CentralZachary Zerbe(316) 841-4964
618 E. DouglasKris Wessel(316) 263-6997
602 E. DouglasKrista Lowry Racine(316) 644-5063
Union Station - Grand HotelEric Fletcher(844) 868-5893
Old Town Office or RetailBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Farm Credit Bank BuildingAnthony Utter(316) 263-2448
416 S. CommerceDavid Leyh(316) 371-8087
Union Station - Terminal BuildingGary Oborny(316) 262-3331
Garvey Center O.W. Garvey Building Suite 220Larry Weber(316) 261-5325
WaterWalk TowerVanessa Johnson(316) 219-6060
312-344 N MosleyBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Downtown Arts District Retail/Office SpaceJake Ramstack(316) 841-3814
Old Town Retail SpaceJake Ramstack(316) 841-3814
Eaton PlaceCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
406-414 S MarketChristi Royse(316) 292-3919
914 E. DouglasJake Ramstack(316) 841-3814
Orpheum Office BuildingRyan Hubbard(316) 613-2448
Kyoto GardenNancy Shih(316) 992-1108
Downtown Wichita Parking LotBradley Tidemann(316) 292-3947
Old Town Office SpaceStephanie Wise(316) 263-7242
Broadway PlazaCraig Simon(316) 204-0150
O'Rourke Title BuildingAnthony Utter(316) 263-2448
WaterWalk PlaceVanessa Johnson(316) 219-6060
Orpheum Centre, 4th FloorKristin Stang(316) 518-9399
Garvey Center Page Court Building Suite 250Larry Weber(316) 261-5325
219 N. St. FrancisDavid Brown(316) 440-2162
333 E. English5,000Dennis Schmidt(316) 263-5555
906 E. Waterman38,784Grant Tidemann(316) 262-6400
S. Broadway & E. Lewis Lot40,946James Avallone(516) 682-4224
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