Arena Neighborhood Plan

Plan completed November 2007

Consultants: Gould Evans Associates, LSA Associates, Inc., Economic Research Associates

Main Goals:
• Establish design concepts for streetscape improvements and building mixes and identify initiatives that foster connections to surrounding downtown assets;
• Attract initial redevelopment of key catalysts sites in the area; improve vehicular circulation and convenience within the area;
• Create a district parking plan;
• Enhance transit functions in support of the arena and redevelopment of the neighborhood;
• Create strong, identifiable pedestrian linkages and paths in the Arena Neighborhood;
• Adopt neighborhood and district design standards;
• Expand the streetscape enhancement program in the area, building upon the elements and furnishings that already exist along Douglas and Main streets.

The Arena Neighborhood Plan took several important steps toward reviving commercial opportunities and enhancing community life in the blocks surrounding the INTRUST Bank Arena. Parking and street reconfigurations and improvements will keep vehicle traffic flowing and improve pedestrian access around the 15,000-seat arena. Work is under way to link the arena neighborhood to Old Town, Century II and WaterWalk, and the river corridor. The Center City South Tax Increment Financing District has been expanded, which will provide funds for more neighborhood streetscape enhancements and parking. A parking and mobility master plan for downtown has been developed to help visitors find their way around the arena area.

Download the full Arena Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan.


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